When Being Yourself Means Needing To Move

There are intense developments and changes happening all around us in the world, and in our own hearts and in our own minds at the moment. This is a far from easy time. But in many ways it also needs to be seen as an intensely productive time for many of us, especially those of us connected deeply with Source.

It is a strong time. A time when we can be coming to an understanding of who we are, individually and collectively. Which means we can be breaking through internal barriers, going past a point from where there will be no return. Wonderful things are happening in terms of our progress, on our Spiritual journeys through life.

The journey through life

If that journey through life is going to teach us something, and if it is designed to take us to new understanding and new levels of consciousness, well it is certainly exactly what is happening to us at the moment. It is as if many of us are much bigger human beings than we used to be . . . richer in Spirituality, richer emotionally and much richer psychically. We’re gaining more ability to understand what is going on in the world. This is a wonderful thing.

Yet, it doesn’t automatically follow, for example, that just because I am so much more than the person I used to be, because I see so much more and because I’ve learned so much the hard way – because I’ve had so many lessons taught to me and therefore I am undoubtedly the richer and the wiser as a result – that other people are going to recognise this. Or, indeed that I am now going to find myself capable of making every decision perfectly because I have so much experience under my belt.

It doesn’t follow that way because the Universe keeps giving us new challenges. Otherwise, the Universe wouldn’t be that much fun for any of us and there wouldn’t be much point in life. If we all, as humanity, always knew what was coming up and if we always knew already how to handle things, where’s the learning? There has to be an element of the unknown, no matter how tense that may be.

Spiritual growth means change

There also has to be a way that the people that we deal with, whom we talk to and interact with will continually fail to understand where we’re “coming from” no matter how hard we try to communicate clearly with them. It’s the nature of the “beast” called Life. It is the way it is.

There will be some relationships that operate on one level, and other relationships that operate on another.

When you are growing Spiritually, making progress and becoming truer to the truth of who you are here in this life to be, it is definitely the case in life at challenging times like the moment that there will be certain people who you would like to have a better level of communication with or have more understanding of. Yet they seem almost determined to refuse to listen to what you have to say or acknowledge that you have knowledge or expertise and insight which is valid in a certain field. It’s a little bit like, it’s the hardest thing to persuade your nearest and dearest that you’re taking up a new course of study, or hobby or that you’ve given up an old habit. Or, importantly, that you’re going to change the way that you’ve been in your life.

You can make changes amongst strangers much more easily than you can surrounded by people who are a little bit cynical . . . or, who think they know you the way you are. People look at you and say “oh yes, this is this person” and that’s it: the way you dress, speak, react, talk are all pidgeon-holed as their picture of you.

No-one around you wants all of this “person” changing because they’ll feel uncomfortable when you suddenly start changing: all the people in your world who think they know you will have to put you in a slightly different “box” or pidgeon-hole. Truth be told, it’s hard work for them and they can’t be bothered. It is natural to hold someone where they were before, it’s not malicious or insidious. So it becomes harder for you, facing the expectations you can feel from them, to make your moves forward.

Tension all around us at this time in humanity’s existence on Planet Earth, is being felt by many of us who wish for Spiritual progress and advancement – because we’re feeling held back by what other people just can’t see: the difference between our old outworn version of ourself and who we are becoming and want to become. And, importantly, they can’t see why it is so important to want to make positive changes. There is conflict going on. It is being exacerbated by changes in other people which we find difficult to deal with.

Our honest needs

There is a need at the moment for honest and clear communication. There is a need to remove this whole ridiculous idea that you know who the people in your life really are and they know who you are. A beginning again and an opening of fresh eyes would be a really wonderful thing for many of us at this stage in our lives. But, above all else in our current world climate, there needs to be a degree of relaxation and a degree of trust.

What is going on can be extremely good. What is going on can be about reaching the resolution of problems that have been hanging around for a very long time. Some of us are making tremendous Spiritual steps forward and we can make bigger ones. Realising we could be in the wrong place, with the wrong people for the new times ahead is a huge leap in consciousness. And that is more than fine.

We have to take this one step at a time. And understand that everyone can’t move at exactly the same pace all the time. But, sometimes relocating is exactly the right thing to do.