How Do I Know It’s Karma?

How do I know it’s Karma?

. . . you may be encountering blocks; often you experience psychic weakness – this comes from ancient chaos; it can be experienced as extreme panic or terror in some life situations – a dread coming on suddenly: this usually indicates a pattern of loss of power which did not arise in this lifetime, resulting in paranoia at times in the here and now.

How do I heal my Karma?

The term “Karmic Healing” isn’t actually accurate. Karma cannot be healed as such. The “healing” comes from releasing blocked power, old patterns and allowing soul energy to flow through your purpose in life by working creatively with the energy.


Our Wounds

We have 3 types of wounds, which all of us experience in some degree or other in our lives . . . [read more here]

The “wounds” that come from the limits of our parents . . .

The “wounds” of our cultural, or society, conditioning . . .

The “wounds” of our ancient chaos, our psychic inheritance, our Karma.


Astrology helps

Signposts to our wounds, challenges and scope for healing are in our Natal astrological chart. Learning about transits of the Planets, Cosmic energy flow and patterns is empowering and illuminating.


Breathwork helps

Learning deep breathwork is essential. With breathing exercises and relaxation we learn to be receptive to our patterns, getting more and more adept at reading our signs, seeing symbols and messages in daily life in the here and now – and joining the dots as to what could be Karmic patterns.


Ancient Chaos

I call our unconscious past patterns “ancient chaos” because, until you can see how the patterns are affecting you and learn how to work with them, the energy is just chaotic in your life. With practice, which does take diligence, we learn to put this old energy into an order in our psyche, and so in the Soul. Which is why the big lesson is learning to work creatively with our ancient patterns here and now.