Getting the Validation of Your Truth | “Arriving and Resting . . .”

My “Genius of Nature” Dedication: Within your own nature you have genius of Nature


“Attention with Divine Focus on your mind, and the Source of your mind – learn its nature and it becomes the diamond faceted jewel which reflects your own Buddha Nature: changing forever the way you perceive our World . . .
Mind becomes pure, strong, clear and beautiful – capable of changing our World with one kind thought at a time.” Susan/SuZen


My Guidance for You

I’m getting a lot of guidance for some of us, that we’ve walked our path in truth, we’ve “climbed the steps” to the summit of the spiritual mountain within us – those of you who’re motivated to grow spiritually will know the experience I’m talking about.

In doing so, walking the Divine Path, being committed to our Truth and growing spiritually with dedicated practice, we’ve received ou confirmation that what we were working towards, working towards uncovering or understanding, is actually true or valid.


The Energetic Shift

Have you noticed the shift in energies recently? Time seems to have “shrunk”: what used to typically take, or was expected to take, maybe 6 months of a process, now is only spanning a matter of weeks [or days, I experience]. Personally I think it’s because we’re experiencing an accumulation of past experience, growth and wisdom so it’s not taking as long to distill wisdom and manifest energy for change.

Anyway, we’re receiving confirmation by signs, symbols and messages that our Truth is actually valid. Confirmation can come like a spiritual download of information.


Our Spiritual Work has been Truthful  and Worthy

The validation will be that the work you’ve been doing has been truthful and worthy. And that was your Transformation. A validation of the transformation you’ve gone that has been the process during your path to spiritual growth.

And now that you’ve gone through this process, you realise the journey WAS the Transformation – and on this realisation, then we’re all ready to say “okay, now we’re ready to do something with this?”.


Recognising the Energy

Transformation energy is a good energy to feel, but at the same time there’s usually the acknowledgement that it came from adversity – recognising to get to transformation meant walking through adversity.

Maybe that’s what we “sit with” now, rest and acknowledge – because some of us are definitely bruised and tattered from the journey to say the least – before we get to the being “ready to do something with this”?

It’s been an uphill battle for many of us to get to this moment of understanding our Transformation. It might be a little too soon to go back to the energy of “okay now how do we dismatle this system, this current collective worldview, that got us all into this mess that Humanity is in right now?”

Time for stillness, space, sanctuary – simply time? Being with the Transformation experience, and doing very little . . . ?


“May the Virtue of your Te shower down with blessings from your Raincloud of Virtue on all around you.”



One of my Voice of SuZen Podcasts “Truth” from a few years ago












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