A “Transformation Moment” . . . Part 2 of No Soul Left Behind

My “Genius of Nature” Dedication: Within your own nature you have genius of Nature


“Attention with Divine Focus on your mind, and the Source of your mind – learn its nature and it becomes the diamond faceted jewel which reflects your own Buddha Nature: changing forever the way you perceive our World . . .
Mind becomes pure, strong, clear and beautiful – capable of changing our World with one kind thought at a time.” Susan/SuZen


This is part 2 of the message and guidance for you and all of us as a Tribe from a Tarot reading I took in order to ask for your guidance: part 1 is here . . .

A Transformation Moment


Maybe right now, we’re all just gathering together and having a conversation “what do we do with this big energy source?”: us gathering together is creating a big primal energy and a growing excitement which is going to create a lot of change: Transformation.

AND: taking on or taking down a System [with a capital “S”] – creating a moment of taking down undesireable oppression. The coming together [“the gathering”] is an empowering reason for oppression “taking down” – a bit of “David and Goliath” energy, the oppressive System seems so big. The coming together to create a power source empowers us not to feel so small . . . for those of you who are in the know, something like a Class Action Law Suit?


A “Tender Bonding”


A “Transformation Moment” is what brought us here, to this gathering moment, this gathering agreement: “Let’s face this and take it down”. But with inner power, like facing a bully – which for me is a symbol for the weak, immature masculine energy of the past age.

And this gathering moment of agreement precedes the Transformation Moment: obviously, there has to be intention and shared dedication – I call it a “tender bonding”.


If you haven’t started a daily routine in devotion to our simple practices, then go here . . .

On the Path of our Truth

Some of us have been on the spiritual path for a long time – we’ve “climbed the steps” and reached the summit of the Spiritual Mountain within each of us individually. And we’ve received our confirmation that what we were working towards is actually true.

And our Truth is: we leave no Soul behind on the path forward, we’re facing this together – as a Tribe.

“And with “No Soul left behind” . . . We ARE The Kindest Revolution, the YinZen SoMa Tribe.” Susan



“May the Virtue of your Te shower down with blessings from your Raincloud of Virtue on all around you.”












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