YinZen SoMa Simple Daily Practices

Restoring Balance Daily
Inviting Order into our Day
A Radical Devotion to Practice
With our Personal Disciplines in Practice:
Our Tapas







Our Morning Practice



This 10 minute practice video takes you through the simple steps of the Samyamas: steps to practice with which we “unfold” within ourselves, revealing our true being nature with Zen.

Read more about the simple steps to practices here . . .



Our Daily Morning Prayer




“I am the light of devotion to Essence”


This is our Morning Prayer following practice:
I have restored Balance, Mother
I invite Order into my day today so that I may see your Divine Presence in all living and material things,
I ground my Sacred Being Nature so that I may listen to your messages,
I open my heart and my mind to my signs and symbols from Heaven,
I remain gently open to each moment as my Sacred State of Being,
And I do this as the Light of Devotion to Your Essence,
And as a Channel for Your Pure Love for Humanity’s Advancement.


During the Day



SoMa Breath and Mudra practice is one of our practices for daily restoring and invoking peace: we start with a simple breath and mudra practice with SoMa Mantra: practice at any time during the day if you feel you need to. As in the teaching for Daily Prayer … bring your hands together in Namaste hands, prayer hands, at your heart centre, then hold them out in front, palms up, elbows close to your sidebody in a gesture of acceptance: then follow my teaching.



The Tea Ritual



Our Zen Arts are our Ways to contemplation of our true being nature and the whole of existence. Balance is what happens when we take small steps in daily life to appreciate and revere purity, harmony, the whole.


Peace in the Evening



Simple Zen Steps to Peace | A beautiful practice at the end of the day. Part of my daily devotion to practice with YinZen SoMa … with reverence to Essence in our lives. Practice with our Prayer for Peace:








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