Yin Zen Soma – Simple Steps to Practice | Free Introduction


This 10 minute practice video takes you through the simple steps of the Samyamas: steps to practice with which we “unfold” within ourselves, revealing our true being nature with Zen.



A Simple and Free 10 Minute Introduction to Yin Zen Soma Practice | Unlimited Streaming


These are the steps:


. Maintaining a Center within your Mindstuff .

. Contemplation in Meditation with Awareness —zen .

. Merging with Consciousness for Absorption of Essence .

. Attaining your “Cloud of Virtue”. You become the light of devotion to essence through your dedication to practice: Soma .




Practices in the video:


  1. Two and a half minutes Centering with awareness on the dark sky, breathing to the rhythm of rainsticks —Peaceful Calm
  2. Two and a half minutes Zen Meditation, Heartbeat of the Earth with “Mmmm” mantra of the Mother
  3. Two and a half minutes Primordial Sound and aligning with the sound of the Universe, and your identity as the Center of the Universe
  4. Two and a half minutes Soma Mantra. The Original Mantra which aligns us with Original Force. Soma means: “I am the light of devotion to Essence”
“I am the light of devotion to Essence”






This is our Morning Prayer following practice:
I have restored Balance, Mother
I invite Order into my day today so that I may see your Divine Presence in all living and material things,
I ground my Sacred Being Nature so that I may listen to your messages,
I open my heart and my mind to my signs and symbols from Heaven,
I remain gently open to each moment as my Sacred State of Being,
And I do this as the Light of Devotion to Your Essence,
And as a Channel for Your Pure Love for Humanity’s Advancement.


















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