Yin Zen – language of symbolism

The Yin Zen language of symbolism is a unique expression of our Soul Song.

I was wondering how to communicate simply a way of accessing an inner story we all share deep in our memory [also known as our “Soul Song” collectively] and doing this with symbolic language. What I call the Yin Zen symbolic language is what emerged, based on the zen tradition of teaching with Mandalas and art which can convey powerfully a knowledge of the sweetness of daily life.
When we can see Divine Presence in all living and material things, because we live simply, contemplatively and with daily order and balance, then we live with reverence for Essence and zen becomes a sublime healing.




My question to myself was “How”? [The question is always “how” – how is Tao, is God, is Goddess, is Ma’at, is Dharma, is Mother . . . and this is Love.] My deeper question was: “If we were to leave our story behind for Humanity in the future so it wouldn’t get forgotten . . . could we leave it in stone, sand, art, wood, paper?” Could we ask our future selves: “What do you see?” And, more, could we ask: “And do you see the Essence of our Purpose-ful-ness in what we have left you to tell the story of Humanity’s journey through time?”
Well, I don’t know. But this is some of the Yin Zen language of symbolism: the Mandalas in Zen tell the teachings in story images. — SuZen




Birth … Death … Breath … Love




Sun … Moon … Breath … Grounding … Infinite Love




Moon . . . Infinity . . . Inner Change . . . Death and Rebirth




Thinking with a Grounded Heart . . . Solitary person sits in Zen Meditation



YinZen | Balance … Yin: Full Moon . . .  Rainbow Serpent . . . Flying Heart: Balance | 2 pyramids, Sun and Moon . . . Harmony | earth and water lines . . . little trees and 2 pyramids: Zen




Adeam is an illustrator from Indonesia, and he realised my concepts. He is skilled in Monoline design, and is also a vector artist who specializes in drawing digital portraits and cartoons.