Your Moons, Manifestation and Magic Reading


Your Moon and Dark Moon Lilith Spiritual Reading

A Reading from Susan for the Path to your Bliss, Blessings, Joy and Prosperity


This is your Moons, Manifestation and Magic Spiritual Reading and I consider it First Steps in following your Bliss for the Joy and Freedom which leads to Magic in your life


I call it “Two Moons” . . .

. . . our Moon sign illuminates our God/Goddess-like qualities and our Dark Moon Lilith holds our Goddess-like transformational power.

To understand our Bliss, Blessings and Joy and the Magic hidden within the dark, we need to work with the Feminine, transformational power of darkness as well as the light.


For men as well as women . . .


Using your Birth details, the Spiritual Laws of Yoga and our Yoga Philosophy and ways to use our energy wisely for our Soul’s Path . . . and with links to suggestions for practice for your healing and Spiritual growth

this reading includes your Dark Moon Lilith placement, house and aspects as Lilith is associated with the Crescent Moon energy rhythm

Your reading includes:

Your Moon sign video

Your Lilith video

A summary of your Lilith house sign in your astrological chart and effects of your aspects

What are the effects of the qualities of my Moon sign for in my life? video

What are the effects of the qualities of my Lilith sign for in my life? video

Links to suggestions for your own personal practice.



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Lilith is known of as the “Feminist” version of biblical Eve in the Garden of Eden