Trust your own Future Vision . . . Ignore the Rest

Trust your own future vision . . . Ignore the rest

Do you notice that many of us are growing, improving and blossoming at every level of our lives even as we experience the considerable changes we’re going through as human beings living in our world today?

And if you personally don’t yet notice that, well it can only be that sometimes the sweetest and most profitable processes are subtle and as they are initially occurring we get too caught up in day to day dramas . . . and we justdon’t notice.

It’s often that only after a while we go “ . . . oh look, there’s magic!” or “. . . there’s something I wasn’t expecting, something hopeful.”

What you probably are conscious of is that you’ve been dreaming a dream, and envisaging a possibility that despite all attempts to be very sensible, very grown up and very realistic something keeps captivating your imagination. Maybe wondering thoughts like what would happen if you were to reach for a goal, an ideal that is there very clearly in your mind’s eye and yet which seems such a long, long way away.

Maybe you keep hoping for something. And then maybe wondering how foolish you’re being? And how much time you’re wasting or how crazy all this is?

Future vision

So, let me stress this: this type of vision, your future vision, comes from your Soul. You can be sure of this if you’re thinking about introducing novelty into your life and you get “resonance” . . . the thrill or the vibration that is coming to you through the silent language of the Universe. Wherever you are reaching for something which is new, which is innovative and which is a pure-hearted, sincere intention then you’re on the right track, you are doing the right thing and absolutely you must not be detracted or distracted from this vision.

And that is a possibility that you might get both detracted and distracted . . . as we call it “caught up in life’s unfolding drama” leading to exasperation! Other factors will always come along in life, effectively throwing down a gauntlet – as if life’s saying “ . . . why’re you doing this?” or “ . . . are you sure about that?” and “ . . . don’t you think you ought to rethink all the options and considerations and look at it from another angle?”

But often, it’s not just circumstances that do this. It’s not just the fact that certain developments are causing you to scratch your head and wonder. It’s people! People you’re close to and individuals you don’t even know particularly well!


Did you notice one very funny thing about living in this world? One thing the world is never very short of, is opinion.

Opinions surround us on all sides. And these opinions usually belong to people, of which there are roughly 6 billion on the planet give or take a million or two. But I’ll bet there are a lot more than 6 billion opinions! And yet still, we all feel we have a right to them and voice them . . . saying “I don’t know” is virtually impossible for some people.

Just in case you were wondering how all of this was getting round to zen, saying “I don’t know” when we truly don’t is a powerful thing to choose. Or, how about, holding onto your vision, staying at the centre of your Universe while feeling the thrill of resonance and still being able to say “I’m not sure” or “I wonder what would happen if . . . “ – and then watch for your signs and symbols from Heaven to bring you the trust and reassurance you need.

We’re sensitive

In reality, as humans we are sensitive, we see things and we hear things and they go in a long way and they can detract and distract . . . when what we need to be able to trust our own vision is to be very clear about what it is we have seen with our future vision and what it is we feel entitled to be able to reach for in our own life – we’re here to be happy and we do that by discovering our own true being nature.

And all this other “stuff” that we really need to learn to ignore is just like interference on a radio signal. The closer you get to the source of the transmission, the stronger it will be and the less the “crackles and pops” of detraction and distraction will bother you. Source. Gandhi called it “Soulforce”, Jesus called it “Loveforce”.

And that is what you should trust.