Change Thro Chaos

This Blog is a couple of years old and still so valid – some of the links might be outdated!
From my Satsang (teaching) in one of my Youtube Spiritual Yoga Meditation classes:



For those of you who don’t know the tradition in teaching and taking yogic meditation, we have a structure to our classes and this involves taking teaching from the Teacher or Master. Satsang has a couple of meanings (as most Sanskrit words do): we come together as a group or workshop, in the spirit of truth, or being together in truth with the Guru, master or teacher in the group. Also it can mean our coming together to bring us closer to the truth and what happens is the bonding of the group of like-minded spirits.

The Guru, master or teacher is the energy center of the place or gathering and also the nerve center of the group . . . and I’ll ask you to hold that thought . . .



Bonding of the group of like-minded Spirits



I’m going to encourage you to expand your knowledge . . . firstly if you haven’t already, acquaint yourself with Bruce Lipton’s work in the Biology of Belief . . . his work has been on Epigenetics, the cell walls and how we respond to our environment: and how important our belief and our happiness is for our health (for example we now know that most Cancer is Epigenetic). Those of us who trained as meditation teachers will remember the Yogic belief in our cells and this level of our inner micro-cosm. Secondly, Astrologer Rick Levine’s analysis of the astrological themes for August 2016 is incredibly helpful and insightful and that’s on his Youtube channel.



How am I bringing about change?



So, “How am I bringing about change as a Teacher and Writer in times of greatly needed change in our world?” . . . this is one way: I took Rick Levine’s advice in my astrology and delayed the streaming of my YouTube Spiritual Yoga Meditation class on Sunday so I could listen more to others’ feelings and shake up my own schedule . . . as my “happiness lay in the chaos” (Rick’s words).

I’m so glad I did, with some fabulous conversations on Saturday . . resulting in my appreciation of people’s inner fears right now, vulnerability and low confidence . . . alienation experiences and inner chaos difficult to deal with never mind heal . . .



I bring about change as a Teacher and Writer because I have spent over 20 years in building teaching of inner stability and structure within . . . and I communicate with skills which were a gift and which I’ve worked on for over 20 years. Yes, there is chaos without in our world . . . but I and others like me are skilled at showing the way . . . how do we deal? . . . how do we heal?


The way :  How do we deal? . . . How do we heal?




So, this Satsang I’m teaching for a meditation class on Guru Chakra, which I call “Getting to the silence . . . thro the chaos” . . . because we CAN get to the inner silence we need to experience the wisdom quality of Guru Chakra (ajna Chakra known as the Third Eye) . . and we do that with practice.





My own story of chaos this week, has been with my bank Ulster Bank . . . and Banking is one of the structures, corporate institutions, which are crumbling and need to crumble and collapse right now in our story of our human evolution. They [my bank] weren’t prepared for my explosion and refusal to be treated badly by them anymore. This has been brewing a long time . . . they’re well known for their mainframe computer crash in 2012 affecting 3 countries . . . with knock on effects over the last 4 years. The 4 years since 2012 being the time scale we’ve been going through for unexpected change, at a time when change is happening as we play out revolutionary trends started in the 60’s and 70’s.

I know this . . . I know we’re metamorphosing . . . my bank don’t, and their recent actions and restructuring have only served to unnerve and alienate their customer base here in the Republic of Ireland.



So, how am I bringing about change? I am making a few short videos to send to Customer Relations in my bank to enlighten them . . . in the Spirit of engendering change from within.

But if my efforts are not well received [and I’m not holding my breath] I’ll share on the media . . . to give confidence to those who don’t know that people like me and you are the iceberg underneath seemingly innocuous tips floating at surface level. And I’ll share on LinkedIn, because Ulster Bank advertise their loans to a potential professional audience – well I’m a professional on a professional network . . . you see where my iceberg is?


. . . you see where my iceberg is?


Back to our cellular structure: your teachers and masters know that we are here to keep the Cosmic order – expecially in your system, in your micro-cosm, for harmony with the greater cosmos, the macro-cosm . . . when we hold you in the aura of the Divine, this is what we are doing energetically and spiritually. So we are in fact holding the space, aware of our need for change and metamorphosis . . . the old has to crumble for the new to emerge.

One “new age” person I met recently, I’m guessing in his early 60’s, was kind of bewildered and a bit dejected about our (humanity’s) apparent lack of progress, the craziness and mess of the world seemingly a sign of how ineffective our belief and work of the last 20 years have been: “so what was the new age about?” he asked me. I said that us teachers and practitioners, writers etc, were getting ready . . we’ve been learning and skilling up, strengthening, building . . . building an inner structure, seemingly below the surface. And if someone like me is dealt with on a shallow level of our human biases and reactions, because of being pushed into primal fears – the unknown – I dig in.

My seeming explosion at a Corporate Institution with a structure that needs to crumble is me reaching inside and saying “right that’s enough . . . and now I’m telling you why.”


Actually, all this craziness in the world that’s “out there” is perfect according to Bruce Lipton, because the biological system of humanity needs to do whatever it can to re-organise on a higher level – and we can’t re-organise on a higher level until the older level either falls apart or crumbles, or dissipates, or whatever it needs to do. Essentially this is not a regular time we are living in, from 50 years ago to 20 years hence in the future for us, we are basically going through the pangs of “childbirth” . . . energetically speaking for the “new age” to emerge.

So, I have another 20 years of Teaching and communicating ahead of me . . . but I’m in a different place than 20 years ago: my structure is built . . . I’m teaching new ways to deal with all of this social stuff creatively.



My approach then – and how I hope I empower other Teachers and communicators – is to teach that we handle chaos without by shaking ourselves up. Dynamic practice works . . . and within our chaos is our happiness: remember the old saying, as above so below, as within so without . . .

Dealing and healing is my teaching: dealing with the explosions of energy which have to happen to shake us out of old worn out structures, revolution as against evolution. Revolution causing chaos to release power which happens in dark, messy ways but which releases tremendous energy and power within us. So we deal with the chaos we experience at our cellular level being brought up within us, and healing that within as the way to deal with what is happening “out there” in the world . . . and each individual healing making a difference, making change.

To get to the inner silence I need for my inner Bhavana (the space in my inner world) – to “Go To Temple”, as we say, where I experience being held in the aura of the Divine, bathed in Essence – I get to the silence within me by dealing with chaos. When 3 of my old mentors left by various methods 2 weeks ago – one passing over, one retiring, one selling house and moving country – I practised my own class on Forgiveness and then danced to Indian Raga music for 20 minutes to get the rigid tension of the energy of sadness and tears flowing, not letting it turn into anger. Chaos flowing . . .

Earlier in this Satsang [teaching], I asked you to hold a thought . . . about nerve.

On the day I had to deal with my bank to put my foot down and demand better treatment . . . my Astrology told me it was a test of nerve: and she with the strongest nerve would win . . . which I did. Inner strength, character, resolve and “nerve” is what Yoga gives us.

But then we can’t expect an old-style institution like a bank which deals in 3 countries, dealing with centuries-old, dark and messy stuff coming up due to Brexit – they’re not part of “us” here in the Republic anymore and Irish/English issues are buried deep in the Psyche – I don’t expect them to understand what we get from our yoga practice, our attitude to the world and our response to our environment . . . resolve and nerve . . . stability from within . . . valuing the strength of our inner structure, our inner power, in times of change which [seemingly] comes from without . . .


. . . because their values are not VALID any longer.


. . . and I hope I inspire and empower other Teachers and Writers in the re-birth of our World: make change creatively.

Namaste, this is for our healing


Image: Chosen by Elena Ray (Elena’s Twitter is @OldChineseMan)