Susan Ni Rahilly

Meet the Teacher



“I only have 3 things to teach: meditate,  exercise the bodymind, live simply and with these 3 you can go a long way” Susan



My inspirations:

Books: Secret Life of Plants, Brilliant Green, Raja Yoga

People who inspire me: Dr Vandana Shiva and John Anthony West



Andrew’s bio of me goes here: plus my quote we can change everything with virtue in our hearts.

Original inspiration for The Kindest Revolution: re-make the video

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About Susan . . .

Susan Ni Rahilly has reached an interesting point in her life. Now that shes in her sixties, she considers herself trans-genre as a Yoga and Meditation teacher and author. She gained many precious insights through the years, becoming a multi-dimensional teacher who is truly regarded as a master in India.

As independent artist, SuZen is constantly finding new ways to reach out to people with teachings in zen, yoga and spirituality. She produces spoken word vocals with music, including yoga chants,mantras, verse and poetry

“I’m teaching you to live and breath, with flow and bliss, in harmony with our heavenly lunar cycles.Return from being stretched, drained and stressed out, and experience health, wholeness and meaningfulness. . .

As a twice-published author, yoga meditation and zen teacher, she is the founder of SuZenYoga, Spirituality, understanding, zen, energy and nutrition through dedication to yoga practice.” Susan says she has come to terms with being a storytelling wellbeing teacher and practitioner”.

SuZens teaching is inspired by zen as well as Raja yoga.  Susan has been practicing for over 30 years, and teaching meditation for 25 years. She currently lives and works between West Cork, Ireland and Spain.


Teaching and writing . . .

Susan’s teaching typically draws on breathwork in deep practice, her Hatha Yoga teaching is inspired by Zen and her ongoing research into our innate abilities for deep listening and intuitive practice.

Having been formerly a freelance Journalist and Vegetarian Chef, her insights into writing about health and wellbeing from the Yogic perspective are from personal experience. She was a regular contributor to, Featured Writer and Mentor for OMTimes Magazine ( as well as contributing to Espanol OM Times, and she contributes to Times of India Times Wellness and Speaking Tree Sunday Spiritual National Newspaper and also their global online community website to which she was invited to contribute as a Master.


What my heart is telling me

What my Heart is Telling Me . . .

I have a major Venus and Saturn alignment today, January 1 2018. For me, it’s about us all being united through our hearts and my role as a Teacher and grounding this.

What my heart is telling me is that I can no longer be caught up in the Western way of charging for Meditation. It doesn’t suit me and it gives me heartache and headaches.

My Teacher initiated me to initiate those who need it into a system which empowers us to live well with Life Force, which as Teachers we do by Transmission of the knowledge. This is always given freely to those who are committed to learning.    [continue reading]

People who inspire, and have inspired me:

Dr Vandana Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a world-renowned environmental thinker, activist, physicist, feminist, philosopher of science, writer and science policy advocate. In 1993 she was the recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, commonly known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize”

John Anthony West

A video rememberance of the Independent Egyptologist and original thinker.