Steps to Silence


“Attention with Divine Focus on your mind, and the Source of your mind – learn its nature and it becomes the diamond faceted jewel which reflects your own Buddha Nature: changing forever the way you perceive our World . . .
Mind becomes pure, strong, clear and beautiful – capable of changing our World with one kind thought at a time.” SuZen






Spending More Time in Silence | 7 Daily Steps . . .
7 Daily Steps to Spending More Time in Silence with Yoga and Zen teachings: 7 days to cultivate time spent in silence with short practices.
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Silence is the Temple in which our Spirits can breathe


In silence we can be open to each moment, a sacred state to be in. Silence is the state in which we realise our own divinity – in silence we can go to our wisdom mind and understand its divine nature. Without being able to spend time in silence we can’t “go to temple” – any sacred place within or without ourself:
We say: ” . . .  you cannot go to Temple until you learn to sit in silence ” . . . because you will not be able to understand the Principle of “Temple”, that Consciousness is within: and this is an initiation.
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At the beginning and end of the silent meditation space I use the traditional bells for starting and ending meditation practice – one bell to start and 3 bells to finish.
INTRODUCTION: and I’m including my personal note on Practice Guidance [in case you haven’t practised with me before]
DAY 1: A short practice in sitting breathing bliss and heaven and 2 minutes of pure silence for your own meditation. Day 1 is the cornerstone of your practice in spending more time in silence – learning the breath and the posture and a little about the subtle energetic parts of yourself.
DAY 2: Silence for 5 minutes of meditation
DAY 3: Silence for 10 minutes of meditation
DAY 4: Silence for 15 minutes of meditation
DAY 5: Silence for 20 minutes of meditation
DAY 6: A podcast of my Blog, Silence and the Bodymind plus 5 minutes of silence
DAY 7: Silence for 25 minutes of meditation
AND: We’ll finish with an End note from me about our traditions of spiritual study.
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Namaste, enjoy your practice!


Our Prayer for Peace


First, find peace within,
then share peace.
Find love within,
then share love.
Then find Heaven within,
and share Heaven.



I reclaim the power to choose that which has chosen me












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