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Weekly Playlists of Short Practices to guide you into practice of the whole of Yoga. These are designed for you to work through in a week, whatever your week is, at your own pace.

A Week of Short Practices in the Whole of Yoga

[ read the post here]

A Week of Short Practices: Contemplation

[Playlist 3 in short practices: daily practice starting with Our One Guiding Principle video short  read the post here]

A Week of Short Introductions


The FaceBook Posts

What My Heart is Telling Me . . .

I have a major Venus and Saturn alignment today, January 1 2018, For me, it’s about us all being united through our hearts and my role as a Teacher and grounding this. What my heart is telling me is I can no longer be caught up in the Western way of charging for Meditation [read more]

You Might Not Know . . .

You might not know how Yoga Meditation affects your life . . . even if you’re in regular practice of Hatha Yoga, yogasanas the physical postures of Yoga. Well, many of us do know . . . our practice sorts out our minds, resets our buttons, unscrambles our emotions  [read more]

Sweet Revolution of Healing . . .

The sweetness of your Soul flowing freely through your life is as simple as allowing self-acceptance into yourself and your life. Simple, quite difficult for many of us, but bringing a sweet revolution. Ancient Steps to Sweet Flow of Soul . . . [read more]


The YouTube Classes

Over 30 full-length Yoga Meditation Classes are on the YouTube Channel in my Further Than Yoga teaching style. [go here]


Remember always:

you are perfect

then your frame of reference will be an inner one

at the soul level

we’re making the Mindbody system a more comfortable place

for the Spirit to dwell while we’re here

hopefully we’ll leave the Planet a better place for those who come after us

. . and . .

our practice with the whole of yoga

brings us to a state of inner peace and balance

through which we join with Divine Consciousness

where we can have our “Conversations with God” . . .

it’s a bringing together of energies, human and Divine,

a union or merging at our highest level of consciousness.

So you can be a better human being.

Namaste, Susan


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