Ancient Steps to Mystery, the Nonsense of Order . . . .

Nonsense of Order It may seem a bit nonsensical in our seemingly ordered, logical and linear world that we could jump into something as vast as self-realisation through At-one-ment with the Ultimate Mystery in maybe only 10 minutes of meditation. But Yoga has been described as a many threaded tapestry, all threads of which ultimately…Read more Ancient Steps to Mystery, the Nonsense of Order . . . .

zen and awakening goddess

you know you are buddha your wisdom tells you you are divine your eyes, your ears, your senses are instruments for seeing buddha principle, divinity, in the whole . . . the cosmic whole is divine and divine goddess principles energies your heart tells you and nature tells you there is goddess . . .…Read more zen and awakening goddess

India Taught Us Forgiveness . . . here’s how.

Empowered by the then social unrest in India, and wishing to add something positive and supportive I taught a Youtube streamed Meditation class in February of 2016. I experienced that it was a very raw time. For me, as a teacher, I consider that India with her traditions, practices and teaching in an Ancient Eastern…Read more India Taught Us Forgiveness . . . here’s how.

Hope . . . For Humanity. How?

Hope. How . . . ? They used to say “Education. Education. Education.” As in, “education is everything.” But it is not – not unless communication is good. You would think that what with all the media resources we have nowadays, communication is better than ever before. But it isn’t. Yes, there’s MORE of it…Read more Hope . . . For Humanity. How?

Accelerating Our Spiritual Vision

Acceleration of our Spiritual Vision through dedication to our practices of any of the Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths [zen, yoga, taoism, mindfulness] is for those of us who want to live with Divine Communication in our lives as we walk the Divine path. My own teaching is with both Zen and the Essence of Yoga…Read more Accelerating Our Spiritual Vision

At the End of the Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga

At this point in time in our history and evolution, on our planet, we're at the end of the Age of Pisces - astrological ages are 2,000 years. In the Sun's precessional cycle measured by Equinoxes, the ages are around 2,150 years - and there's an ending period anything from 50 - 500 years. We're…Read more At the End of the Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga

When Flow Doesn’t Seem To Be Flowing.

“We are exactly where we’re supposed to be . . . this IS Flow . . . relax, and LET GO!” When you have a lot on your mind, philosophy as a mind-reliever can sound like the wrong kind of remedy: it doesn’t hold the potential to “hit the spot” or make the right kind…Read more When Flow Doesn’t Seem To Be Flowing.