Healing Rhythms

The Kindest Revolution metamorphosed out of Susan’s original Yoga with Susan Ashram site and SuzenYoga. We’re currently transmuting into Suzen YinZen.

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Walking the Sacred path involves a journey into Self:  in this section we have healing supports  of mentors, teachers and guides.


Unifying Energy:

Living daily in Zen is simpy living with a sacred ordering system that brings balance and harmony, to everything: Unity. Flow, meditation, simplicity and harmony when honoured in daily life bring in the Sacred . . . divine feminine: a way of reverence for Primordial Mother – a way forward for Humanity to thrive.

Unifying Wisdom

‘The word matriarchy (matri/mother and arche/beginning) can best be understood, not as female dominance, but literally as a form of social organization that “begins with the mother.” ‘ Vicki Noble


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