Organic – When and Why? … 2

When did the Organic movement “start” and why?

As simply as I can say, here’s a rundown of history, philosophy and tradition of the Organic movement and benefits for self, culture and humanity.

Dates reported for the start of the Organic movement vary, depending on who is telling the story and from what angle, but in our recent history we can trace a starting date to the early 1800’s when it was first realised that traditional manure fertiliser could be substituted by some mineral salts:  in 1840 German Scientist Justus Von Leibig developed a mineral plant nutrition theory.


Enhancing our Environment’s Quality

The Organic movement is not only plant-based, and includes any food grown by farmers who use renewable resources and who emphasise the conservation of soil and water, thereby enhancing the quality of the environment. Can you feel the love?

What first ever grabbed my attention about Organics/Biodynamics was that it was the returning Europeans and British on homecoming from India in the first half of the 20th century who brought Organic farming, gardening methods and knowledge with them . . . ancient roots began spreading globally from Mother India.









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