Organic – Unity … 4

Memory, Vision and Organic: Unity

I mentioned Rudolph Steiner, his methods and vision . . . he was an early 20th century Spiritualist-Scientist-Educator-Forerunner with an understanding of Cosmic Memory. From reading his writings and knowing people who’d benefited from his education system I’m convinced he could probably “see” the cells of a human body as living organisms of the Cosmos, much as the Ancient Indian Siddhas could. His Biodynamic methods use bio-rhythms of the Earth, Solar rhythms and prana, light and life-force and of course planting, growing and harvesting of plant-food by the rhythm of the Moon cycle.

Rudolph Steiner understood the story of Humanity as a Philosopher and Scientist of Living Energies. He practised Unity: or Humanity as “one”.


The First Organic Agricultural Course

In 1924 Rudolf Steiner presented the first organic agriculture course to a group of over one hundred, including farmers and others in Poland.  His “Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture”, published that year, led to the popularisation of biodynamic agriculture in Germany, probably the first comprehensive organic farming system. It was based on Steiner’s Spiritual and Philosophical teachings: Anthroposophy.









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