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Ancient traditions: Balance

I call India’s renowned scientist and eco-warrior Dr Vandana Shiva the world’s “ecological Saint” and she speaks and writes constantly on the ancient roots of “Organic”. To truly get in touch with these roots Dr Shiva advises going back 4,000 years to discover traditional practices both in India and China.

And, digging deeper still Dr Shiva says: “Organic farming is the oldest agricultural practice, was practiced even more than 10000 years ago, dating back to Neolithic age by ancient civilization like Mesopotamia, Hwang Ho basin etc. ”



The Culture of Mother Goddess

Do these dates stir anything in your memory? 4,000 years ago we know as the start of the ages of Patriarchy, leading to the epoch of descending moral virtue for our world and humanity. 10,000 years ago the prevalent culture extending geographically from the west coast of Portugal, throughout Spain and France, across Europe almost to the eastern coast of Russia and south to India/China, was the Magdalenian or Matrilineal culture which was the culture of Goddess/Mother or Divine Feminine.



My Mantra

At source of all “Mother/Goddess” based cultures is a reverence for a Divine life-giving Essence, which leads to balance resulting in all men and women thriving equally.

Benefits of growing, eating, living organically are benefits of “Mother”: harmony with nature, diversity, knowledge intensive [rooted in wisdom] and a holistic approach. And to remind myself of all of that, I use this mantra:

“I am a living being, on a living planet, in a living universe.”










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