Organic – A Calling … 1

“To write about my love for and devotion to living an Organic lifepath, is to write about Essence and living close to Source – and it feels like being held in the hand of God/Goddess, it is that expansive. So, as I usually do in my writings for you, I’ll try to get right to the essence.”—Susan




A Calling

I was literally “called” to the path – and I do call living organically a lifepath and not a lifestyle. My own mother’s “alternative” beliefs and practices she had learned from her mother, a Scottish artist and spiritualist-medium from a well-to-do family. I always say I’ll be forever grateful to my mother for introducing me to yoga and yoghurt in the 1960’s!

Organic living is a positive choice. I say it’s a “call to action” and the action is love. The benefits of Organic, therefore, simply are all the spiritual and emotional benefits of inviting positivity into our life and the bonding we experience of living alongside like-minded people which of course, as we know, has immense physical benefits for our bodymind systems and making them a more comfortable dwelling place for our Spirit.



Also known as Biodynamic

“Organic” is also known as Biodynamic after Rudolph Steiner’s visionary beliefs and practices, and it refers to food that is grown with reverence for natural rhythms and cycles, without the use of toxic chemicals, synthetic pesticides or fertilisers and also to our self-care products and home goods : our cosmetics, body oils and cleansers and cotton bedding linens for example.









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