. . . Manifesting The Kindest Revolution . . .


We came here to be happy, and for many of us today we simply need to slow down, live with Cosmic rhythms and cycles of Nature: which means our return to innocence and accepting our part in the advancement of Humanity. Which really means accepting the Ancient in our Being and our Cosmic Memory.
The big changes that are happening in our world right now can seem overwhelming, but we can empower ourself by making small changes within – practice is powerful in our transformation. Living the life in your day is essential to awakening Spiritual Vision and purpose-ful-ness.


Every Revolution has a Manifesto! It’s a guide to manifesting revolution …



Yin Zen Soma Teachings
Walking the Sacred path involves a journey into Self: I’m teaching you the Yin Zen Soma practices which open you up Spiritually in small steps. We open up to our Ancient Being, Cosmic Memory and purpose-ful-ness here and now. Soma is the original Mantra which brings purity, strength, clarity and beauty in our being. You can take a simple free introduction to practice here …


Take a simple, small step with this simple introduction to Zen program …




Our Unified Future
Moving into the Age of Aquarius astrologically:

“New, open, creative thinking, not based on old, outworn rigid thought patterns, will take us forward into a better, brighter and kinder future for Humanity: a ‘Thought Revolution’. Those of us able to, can change our World “one thought at a time” by walking our Sacred Path with dedication . . . I call this The Kindest Revolution.” Susan Ni Rahilly/SuZen

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“Every single day we are changing – every day there’s opportunity for change!” – Susan

We do this with dedication and devotion, read more in the blog …





The Kindest Revolution Unifying Idea:


If we open our eyes to a changing, new world, we can live in a simpler, more open-hearted way.

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The Essence of Practice with Susan’s SuZen YinZen Teachings is
Simply Spiritual and living in a unique way
using techniques from the
Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths to Liberation of the Soul through Balance
Yoga, Meditation and Zen: YinZen
 about opening you up Spiritually
to an awareness of living with the
Divinity that is within you
awakening Divine Feminine
thro YinZen initiations, teachings, practice
and Daily living



Zen is meditation. Zen flows – culture changes with Zen, Zen changes with culture. Flow is Yin. Yin is Goddess. Culture is our future [dharma] Goddess is Tao – How? How do we change with the flow in the Mystery? SuZen YinZen







Unifying Wisdom

‘The word matriarchy (matri/mother and arche/beginning) can best be understood, not as female dominance, but literally as a form of social organization that “begins with the mother.” ‘ —Vicki Noble