Love Poems of Rumi

Love Poems of Rumi [The EP] –  Suzen


The Love Poems of Rumi tell us of the supreme secret of the inner journey that is the “Path of Love”. Four poems read by SuZen, which open us to the wonders and the beauty of the Universe.



A spoken word audio EP of 4 of Rumi’s Love Poems with HD Video



A Moment of Happiness

The Meaning of Love

Do You Love Me

The Privileged Lovers

HD Video running time 11.11 minutes


Video Preview

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“Love is not always the easiest of all paths. However, if you are brave enough to undertake it, and are willing to open up your heart to it, you are certainly going to be able to enjoy many fulfilling rewards, because love is one of the most powerful forces in our universe!

This project is a sign of growth, passion, and dedication, and it really highlights SuZen’s remarkably astonishing ability to seamlessly blur the lines between different styles and create music that is much more than plain entertainment – but a powerful and insightful form of expression that really connects with the audience.”  [More at moremoresound . . ]

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Susan Ni Rahilly has reached an interesting point in her life. Now that shes in her sixties, she considers herself trans-genre as a Yoga and Meditation teacher and author. She gained many precious insights through the years, becoming a multi-dimensional teacher who is truly regarded as a master in India. As independent artist, SuZen is constantly finding new ways to reach out to people with teachings in zen, yoga and spirituality. She produces spoken word vocals with music, including yoga chants,mantras, verse and poetry.


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