House Rhythms draft

Flow is existence flowing through your life, and qualities of life we say are alive in the “Lunar Mansions of Goddess” . . . the Mother of Existence. Every Mansion has its Rhythm and energy . . .
I’m teaching you to live and breath, with Flow and Bliss, in harmony with our heavenly lunar cycles for a return from being stretched, drained and stressed out in time to experiencing health, wholeness and meaningfulness in time

. . .

The Essence of Practice with Susan’s SuZen Teachings is

Simply Spiritual

using techniques from the

Ancient Eastern Widsom Paths to Liberation of the Soul

Yoga, Meditation and Zen


 about opening you up Spiritually

to an awareness of living with the

Divinity that is within you

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What my Heart is Telling Me . . .

I have a major Venus and Saturn alignment today, January 1 2018. For me, it’s about us all being united through our hearts and my role as a Teacher and grounding this.

What my heart is telling me is that I can no longer be caught up in the Western way of charging for Meditation. It doesn’t suit me and it gives me heartache and headaches.

My Teacher initiated me to initiate those who need it into a system which empowers us to live well with Life Force, which as Teachers we do by Transmission of the knowledge. This is always given freely to those who are committed to learning.    [continue reading]