Hoping for the Forest

This is Part 2 of my Meditation Music Healing for the Hurt Masculine: Hoping for the Forest. [For some reason Part 2 is finished before Parts 1 and 3.] I call the project “Hearing the Hurt Masculine.”

There’s a story about “the Forest” . . . in the age of the Buddha, and right up to date, men in India always took “Forest time”. The Buddha’s followers in India were the men, known as the “Forest Men” who took sanctuary space during the rainy season. And even today, there is the tradition that once men have fulfilled their duty and obligation to family and society they are allowed their own space for themselves: time for “the Forest”.



You can read more here, about my intention and inspiration for the healing of “the hurt masculine” . . . a way to acknowledge that Masculine Energy has been damaged and weakened by about 5,000 years of Patriarchy in our history as Humanity. It’s a practice in honouring the mature Masculine and opening up space and time to simply listen compassionately to the hurt.


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When I was wondering how to do this as a teacher and healer, my guidance was “with music and the vibration of energy medicine.”

Vibration is powerful healing medicine. Because I love all that is Zen so much, I’m inspired by Japanese zen equally as much as Indian and Cha’an [Chinese]. Vibration of Life Force and feeling it is “Hado” . . . our thoughts affect our physical realities. The two characters making up the word Hado mean “wave” and “move”. Sending out healing energy heals . . . I’m doing it with the moving waves of music and vibrational frequencies – simply to put out into the field of consciousness that our hurt masculine energy can be healed. With awakened awareness, or buddha mind.



Hoping for the Forest is a musical vibration track produced at 417 Hz to remove negative energy, with Rainsticks in the background at 174 Hz for security and love – and, my subliminal vocals recorded at 7.83 Hz frequency of the earth: the Prayer of Peace.



Namaste, Susan. This is for your healing.


The Prayer of Peace

First find peace within

And share peace,

Find Love within

and share Love,

Then find Heaven within

and share Heaven,

All is well.


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