Hearing the Hurt Masculine

Hearing the Hurt Masculine is a way to acknowledge that Masculine Energy has been damaged and weakened by about 5,000 years of Patriarchy in our history as Humanity. It’s a practice in honouring the mature Masculine and opening up space and time to simply listen compassionately to the hurt. The following is an excerpt from King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette which helped me to a greater perspective and understanding. —Susan [read more here]


In January 2010, I was wondering how to reach men and connect with them in teaching freedom with Ancient Wisdom Paths, including Philosophy and Spiritual Laws . . . And this is what I wrote those years ago: A Song for the Soul. Anthemic Ambient Chant and Verse . . . for the man wondering how to get into Awareness, needing time and space to do that.


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Prayer: Hearing the Hurt Masculine

I hear your hurt
I listen to your heart
Men now are lost
But the Destination was always clear
I accept everything now is being adjusted
By Universal Love alone
The Masculine in our World has been hurt
But, there is no damage
However bad
That cannot be healed by Divine Love
I accept your need for time
I accept your need for space
I accept your need to be listened to
I see you
I hear you
Hearing can heal the hurt
All is well
All is exactly
As it was always going to be
For all of us
All is well






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