YinZen Healing

“Short Healing Programs in my SuZen YinZen style.” Susan/SuZen
Practices in my Suzen YinZen style with zen, yoga meditation, visualisation, energy-work and ancient teachings make our life simpler and more heart-based . . . so we can fulfill our life purpose: on our Sacred path.

I’m teaching you in the Ancient way of opening up and unfolding through receiving the teaching in “Steps” – we do this so that you can process the constant rebalancing of Bodymind Spirit as you awake, open and evolve your Consciousness for higher purpose.

We believe in the Soul-choice for this incarnation which is hidden in our Ancient memory – this is exactly opposite to the Western concept of achieving through stages – so you will take the steps one by one [baby steps if that’s needed], self-guiding as and when you’re ready to progress your practice, and with the intention of bringing the Sacred into daily life with daily practice: thereby honouring and respecting our individual energy vibration at this point in Humanity’s journey.