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Daily Practices | Week of Saturday March 6th 2021

This week’s practices: week of Saturday March 6th | Temple: “You cannot ‘go to Temple’ until you can be still, in a sacred space of silence.”

Our role as Earth Empaths is one of love for others’ spiritual growth: it’s an emotional path and a sacred path. These practices enable us to attain the inner strength we need for peace and balance : and then to move onto awareness at our Heart Chakra . . . kundalini awareness or self-realisation of primal feminine energy.

We need strength to be who we truly are. Being balanced helps us deal with what we’ve “brought in” with us emotionally to this existence as the Earth Empathic Healers. We’re powering up our week of “Temple” practices and daily rhythms with the OM SO Ham mantra chanting at 396 HZ.


These are the practices:


396 HZ Om So Ham | Meditation Chant and Music Mantra | 1 Hour of Meditation Medicine | Liberate Guilt and Fear with the 396 HZ frequency | Resonating with Divinity and the Vibration of the Universe. The So Ham Mantra is our connection from the heart with Consciousness. Our gateway to Bliss.

Spending more time in silence : this is from Day 6 of “7 Daily Steps” | DAY 6: A podcast of my Blog, Silence and the Bodymind plus 5 minutes of silence | Silence is like the air we breathe for our Spirit . . .  Spending time in silence is building the Temple in which our Spirits can breathe. In silence we can be open to each moment, a sacred state to be in. Silence is the state in which we realise our own divinity – in silence we can go to our wisdom mind and understand its divine nature. Without being able to spend time in silence we can’t “go to temple” – any sacred place within or without ourself: We say: you cannot go to Temple until you learn to sit in silence . . .

Trataka Temple | Candle Gazing Meditation | A 10 minute practice | An ancient focusing practice to bring about the necessary inner balance and stillness of mind to connect with Divinity within – your sacred space of silence.

“Trataka” in the practice of Dharana, candle gazing meditation develops the focus of your concentration, the easiest way I know of doing this – so you’ll need a candle if you don’t usually have one lit for your practice. I teach you in silence.

The Stillpoint | Observing the Breath Practice Part 1 | Earth Empaths Temple Practices. The Stillpoint is at the core of your being . . . essence of being.

Making A Saddhana | A Sacred Dedication for Daily Practice | Empowering ourselves by “Bringing the Sacred In” to our day. This is the daily practice of inviting the Divine energies in – Divine and Divine Mother – making our practice into a Saddhana.

Bindu Chakra Breath | Pranayama for Bindu Chakra | Earth Empaths Temple Practices | Some of these ancient practices never had names : just “pranyama with 15 breaths”. I call this “15 breaths” for Bindu Chakra activation for our Temple practices.

Inner Sacred Sanctuary | Earth Empaths Temple Practices | The Temple is within and it is the temple of your humanity [bodymind] for the connection with Consciousness: awareness of the Principle of Life. Make your sacred inner space of silence.


If you’re new to practice in zen, yoga and meditation: watch the 3 Minute Guide to Practice at the beginning of the practices playlist above. Making your own sanctuary space is important, and more so for when I teach you the Temple Within meditations.

Meet the Teacher | An introduction to Susan, her life, work and teaching.



First, find peace within,

then share peace.

Find love within,

then share love.

Then find Heaven within,

and share Heaven.




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Ancient Temple image above : Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels