Earth Empaths – Silence

This week’s practices: week of Saturday February 27th 2021
I reclaim the power to choose that which has chosen me



Spending More Time in Silence | 7 Daily Steps . . . 7 Daily Steps to Spending More Time in Silence with Yoga and Zen teachings: 7 days to cultivate time spent in silence with short practices.

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Silence is the Temple in which our Spirits can breathe

In silence we can be open to each moment, a sacred state to be in. Silence is the state in which we realise our own divinity – in silence we can go to our wisdom mind and understand its divine nature. Without being able to spend time in silence we can’t “go to temple” – any sacred place within or without ourself:

We say: ” . . .  you cannot go to Temple until you learn to sit in silence ” . . . because you will not be able to understand the Principle of “Temple”, that Consciousness is within: and this is an initiation.



At the beginning and end of the silent meditation space I use the traditional bells for starting and ending meditation practice – one bell to start and 3 bells to finish.

INTRODUCTION: and I’m including my personal note on Practice Guidance [in case you haven’t practised with me before]

DAY 1: A short practice in sitting breathing bliss and heaven and 2 minutes of pure silence for your own meditation. Day 1 is the cornerstone of your practice in spending more time in silence – learning the breath and the posture and a little about the subtle energetic parts of yourself.

DAY 2: Silence for 5 minutes of meditation

DAY 3: Silence for 10 minutes of meditation

DAY 4: Silence for 15 minutes of meditation

DAY 5: Silence for 20 minutes of meditation

DAY 6: A podcast of my Blog, Silence and the Bodymind plus 5 minutes of silence

DAY 7: Silence for 25 minutes of meditation

AND: We’ll finish with an End note from me about our traditions of spiritual study.


Namaste, enjoy your practice!



First, find peace within,

then share peace.

Find love within,

then share love.

Then find Heaven within,

and share Heaven.




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