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Practices for week of Saturday February 20th 2021
I reclaim the power to choose that which has chosen me



Wisdom is like a sword . . . You are perfect


Weekly Practices

This week’s practices: week of Saturday February 20th

This week’s practices:  Grounding ourselves at the Sacral Chakra : Kundalini-Shakti-Livingness energy of the Primal force should “live” at the Sacral Chakra but during the age of Pisces [or Kali Yuga] that we are transiting out of currently, an age of “descending moral virtue” this force has descended down to reside at the base chakra. By centering our awareness and our practice around what “should” be the balancing point for us, we help to activate the return to innocence.

These practices enable us then to move onto awareness at our Heart Chakra . . . kundalini awareness or self-realisation of primal feminine energy. Our role as Earth Empaths is one of love for others’ spiritual growth.

We need strength to be who we truly are. Strong grounding at Sacral Chakra helps us deal with the sub-conscious and what we’ve “brought in” with us emotionally to this existence as the Earth Empathic Healers.

These are the practices:

We start with a practice of awareness of our subtle energetic bodies, and centering our energy:

Subtle Energy Centering | Yoga Breath and the Koshas | The first practice in our Grounding energy work. This is a breathing and awareness practice with the Koshas – the Yogic concept of the human make-up in terms of physical, mental and emotional and psychic bodies. And I teach you with the 4,000 year old pre-zen Ancient Centering Meditations from the same origins as the Nirvana Tao  |  This is part 1 of the practice. I’m teaching you in silence to strengthen your brain power: medha shakti. We practice with yogic breath awareness techniques.

Sacral Chakra Meditation | Water Hand Mudra Practice | A grounding meditation on the second chakra, Sacral or Emotional Chakra with practice with the Water Hand Mudra of Yoga. Emotional balance is vital for the inner harmony necessary for our awareness of creativity and creative action in our purpose.

The Spacious Heart | Nourishing the Soul | Spiritual Yoga Meditation | Can your heart be as open as the horizon? A beautiful practice for cultivating a spacious heart. Let your heart speak its Truth to you.

Wisdom Mind is Dream Mind | 432 Hz Goddess Miracle Meditation Music | 10 minutes | The 432 Hz frequency is the Goddess “Miracle of Life” tone . . . it takes us to our Wisdom mind in meditation. 432 Hz increases your connection with your own intuition, because your Wisdom body in the Yoga system of subtle bodies, is next to your Bliss body. It’s where we get in touch with Spirit through Dream, and we create our own myth.

KREEM Mantra of Goddess Kali |Kreem is the Seed Mantra of Yoga and therefore of Zen, as both Yoga and Zen have the same roots. KREEM, Goddess Mantra is called the Magic Mantra, as qualities of Kali are Auspicious, Transformative and Empowering.

The Prayer of Connection and Protection | Prayer aligns us with our higher self, our soul and the ultimate mind of Divine Consciousness. Grounding ourself with prayer aligns us with existence and flow. A daily practice in the simplicity of prayer gives us a simple organising principle through which we can return to peace and balance. This is the prayer for Day 5 of 7 Daily Prayers:







If you’re new to practice in zen, yoga and meditation: watch the 3 Minute Guide to Practice at the beginning of the practices playlist above. Making your own sanctuary space is important, and more so for when I teach you the Temple Within meditations.

Meet the Teacher | An introduction to Susan, her life, work and teaching.

And : My Role as Your Teacher and Guide



First, find peace within,

then share peace.

Find love within,

then share love.

Then find Heaven within,

and share Heaven.



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Enjoy! Namaste