Earth Empaths – Balancing

This week’s practices: week of Saturday February 6th 2020 | Balancing Ourselves and Planet:
I reclaim the power to choose that which has chosen me



Balance is what happens when you know in your heart something is right


Practices for the week

This week’s practices: week of Saturday February 6th 2020 | Balancing Ourselves and Planet:

What we are balancing, as Earth Empaths, is our own energetic make-up to hold the power for the Planet to help it stabilise. And, in practice and daily life, project our stability onto the Planet.

“I am a living being, on a living planet, in a living universe.”

Difficult when you feel “different” or misunderstood, so these practices enable us then to move onto awareness at our Heart Chakra . . . kundalini awareness or self-realisation of primal feminine energy. Our role as Earth Empaths is one of love for others’ spiritual growth: it’s an emotional path and “Balance is what happens when you know in your heart something is right”.

We need strength to be who we truly are. Being balanced helps us deal with what we’ve “brought in” with us emotionally to this existence as the Earth Empathic Healers. We’re kickstarting our week of balancing practices and daily rhythms with a liquid detox to align with our inner tides as we’re at First Quarter Moon phase.


These are the practices:


The Walking Meditation in the Yogic tradition | Connecting with the earth is vital to our feeling of secure wellbeing and being at home on our Planet: being receptive to the Mother and nature’s power.

Breath Intention Balancing Planet | Meditation Breath Awareness | With our own stability in our practice we can help our Planet come back to balance. A practice with centering, breath awareness and anchoring the mind.

Intention in Standing | BodyMindSpirit Balancing | Setting our intention for our practice in the standing posture. A practice to balance in equanimity and stillness: at the “center of the universe”! A standing start to your earth empath’s yoga and meditation routine. With posture, breath awareness and visualisation.

Balanced Being Practice | Balancing | CONNECTING WITH YOUR BEING | A practice to create your relationship and loving bond with your bodymind . . . healing and strengthening that . . . and strenghtening the connection with your own being . . . balancing.

We start with the body . . . and slowly the body will listen to you . . . then the mind . . . and this can take longer . . . and then the heart can relax, once it learns to trust you.

Dry Skin Body Brushing | Balancing Bodymind | Amazing, simple and effective skin elimination practice for balancing the bodymind system. I’m teaching you this in the most beautiful way I can for your appreciation of the holistic healing in this self-care practice! Self-care is the self-healing in self-effort – Sage Vasistha

For Contemplation: Living Simply with Yoga and Balancing Your Life

Anchoring the Mind | Pose of Perfection | Earth Empaths | Balancing Practice | This is a meditative practice which is attaining a posture for meditation and anchoring the mind in silence. I’m teaching you in silence. It is in the silence of the Ultimate Mind that we strengthen our brain power, awaken the consciousness hidden in our memories – and the realisation of Divinity in our Wisdom Mind. This is the training our minds need to be able to be open to our Soulflow. If you want to train your mind for longer periods in silence, pause the video.



If you’re new to practice in zen, yoga and meditation: watch the 3 Minute Guide to Practice at the beginning of the practices playlist above. Making your own sanctuary space is important, and more so for when I teach you the Temple Within meditations.

Meet the Teacher | An introduction to Susan, her life, work and teaching.



First, find peace within,

then share peace.

Find love within,

then share love.

Then find Heaven within,

and share Heaven.




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