Daily Practice | Week of Last Quarter Moon Phase

Week of  Saturday March 6th 2021, for the Last Quarter Moon lunar 7 day phase: the  Kindest Revolution Last Quarter Moon practices. Practices in yoga, zen and ancient teachings to make our daily life simpler and more heart-based . . .


Going with the Flow | Practice for the Last Quarter Moon 7 day phase, from Saturday March 6th to New Moon March 13th 2021.


This Week’s Practices:

Friday’s Practice: Last Quarter Moon Diet and Nutrition | Last Quarter Moon Phase Practices | The main four phase change points are the best time to re-align our bodyminds with our Planet and Moon.

Saturday’s Practice:  Last Quarter Moon Phase | Susan’s teaching | Rhythms, energies and significance of this phase: our inner needs are surfacing so we can initiate change – you can’t change what you can’t see. We’re in the Transformational phase.

Sunday’s Practice:   The Spacious Heart | Nourishing the Soul | Spiritual Yoga Meditation | Can your heart be as open as the horizon? A beautiful practice for cultivating a spacious heart. Let your heart speak its Truth to you.

Monday’s Practice:  Hridaya Heart Yoga Hand Mudra | Gesture of the Heart | One of the most beautiful practices in yoga for self-nourishment. This is the Yoga Hand Mudra for the Heart Chakra – Hridaya, the Gesture of the Heart.

Tuesday’s Practice:  Hamsa | The Flying Bird Meditation |In this lovely yoga meditation practice, we’re going to reverse the So Ham heart chakra breath meditation: taking the “Ham” into the heart on the inhale and releasing it with the “So” on the exhale. And we visualise the little flying bird taking away the old versions of ourself we are letting go of and taking our intention for new growth out into the Universe. 

Wednesday’s Practice:  Om So Ham Mantra 432 Hz | 10 Minutes Chanting | Deep Feminine Practice | The OM SO HAM Mantra [So Hum] is the chanting teaching to identify ourself with the Divine: I AM THAT I AM [Divine]. It is not just a technique, the mantra is a chanting practice which helps us resonate with Divine Vibration. So Hum is derived from Sanskrit and literally means “I Am That” . The practice of Mantra means identifying ourself with the Universe or Ultimate Reality, and our Divinity within.

Thursday’s Practice: KREEM Mantra of Goddess Kali | 10 minutes chanting| Kreem is the Seed Mantra of Yoga and therefore of Zen, as both Yoga and Zen have the same roots. KREEM, Goddess Mantra is called the Magic Mantra, as qualities of Kali are Auspicious, Transformative and Empowering: prior to New Moon

Friday’s Practice: Emptying The Cup Sitting Dedication | Spiritual Practice : Becoming the empty vessel. This is the zen principle of “you can’t fill your heart or mind with anything more until you have emptied the cup”. 

And: Friday’s Practice:  Practice to end the phase: Prior to the New Moon Lunar phase starting: Goddess Miracle 432HZ 10 Minute Meditation music: taking you to the wisdom mind to follow your bliss.



These are the rhythms:

LAST QUARTER MOON PHASE: This phase in our 28 day lunar cycle completes with our Inner Needs surfacing to consciousness, to become aware of what is important to self [our Soul] and what is not.

A sense of completion comes forward now with a recognition that the past scenario has served its purpose and it is time to leave what is old and outworn behind. Essentially a less evolved self is what we will be shedding.


In the Last Quarter Moon phase, we’re allowing inner needs to surface, walking away from what no longer nourishes us, and initiating change. We start our 7 day practices with diet and nutrition to align with flow.

We’re moving into the TRANSFORMATION Quarter of the 28 day Lunar cycle. This LAST QUARTER Moon can start over a 2 day period . . . with the moon being exactly AT LAST QUARTER after the start of the phase . . . but the phase itself is a quarter of the lunar 28 day cycle lasting 7 days.



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Enjoy! Namaste