Small Steps to Balance …

"I was wondering how to say something that is very simple, when we live in a world that has become so complex. My solution was to take a reading from the I Ching for our guidance, just when I had emerged from a period of grief and healing myself . . . This was the…Read more Small Steps to Balance …

The Silent Language Of The Heart …

The heart has its own language, it’s a silent language of devotion, compassion, kindness and trust. In our Zen and Yoga path we have many, many practices to work with this energy center, the space of the heart, and so I used to teach these over a few classes or workshops.   Our yogic practices…Read more The Silent Language Of The Heart …

Freeing Our Self … to be Human

Freeing ourselves to be human is a way of opening up to true compassion, and a way of living with a kind, pure heart: a little bit of the Zen of living simply . . . but which adds up to a totality. This is healing, and the healing comes in the acceptance that the…Read more Freeing Our Self … to be Human

Zen of Inspiration…and a Heart-based Way to our Future

We’re all suffering from being terribly practical—that’s what we’re taught to be from an early age. We’re encouraged to be, all the time: open the newspaper and what does it say? Watch TV and what does it tell us? The prevalent message is “…we all ought to be more practical”. . "There has to be…Read more Zen of Inspiration…and a Heart-based Way to our Future

The Sweetest Healing Revolution …

The sweetness of your Soul flowing freely through your life is as simple as allowing self-acceptance into yourself and your life. "Simple, quite difficult for many of us, but bringing a sweet revolution."---Susan   Ancient Steps to Sweet Flow of Soul I call the healing we get from Zen and Yoga practices and living the…Read more The Sweetest Healing Revolution …

India Taught Us Forgiveness . . . here’s how.

Empowered by the then social unrest in India, and wishing to add something positive and supportive I taught a Youtube streamed Meditation class in February of 2016. I experienced that it was a very raw time. For me, as a teacher, I consider that India with her traditions, practices and teaching in an Ancient Eastern…Read more India Taught Us Forgiveness . . . here’s how.

Hope . . . For Humanity. How?

Hope. How . . . ? They used to say “Education. Education. Education.” As in, “education is everything.” But it is not – not unless communication is good. You would think that what with all the media resources we have nowadays, communication is better than ever before. But it isn’t. Yes, there’s MORE of it…Read more Hope . . . For Humanity. How?

Accelerating Our Spiritual Vision

Acceleration of our Spiritual Vision through dedication to our practices of any of the Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths [zen, yoga, taoism, mindfulness] is for those of us who want to live with Divine Communication in our lives as we walk the Divine path. My own teaching is with both Zen and the Essence of Yoga…Read more Accelerating Our Spiritual Vision

At the End of the Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga

At this point in time in our history and evolution, on our planet, we're at the end of the Age of Pisces - astrological ages are 2,000 years. In the Sun's precessional cycle measured by Equinoxes, the ages are around 2,150 years - and there's an ending period anything from 50 - 500 years. We're…Read more At the End of the Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga

Harmony In The Universe . . . How Does My Intention Help?

I'm revisiting a book I published 20 years ago, a wellness book for women, with a view to a re-write and a re-publish. It was such a positive book, and it's a pleasure to read to myself now how important my intentions were at that time. Here's an extract: “You have to know exactly where…Read more Harmony In The Universe . . . How Does My Intention Help?