Buddhis | Awakening Humanity’s Budding Hearts : Excerpt from Born With a Question Mark in Your Heart | Osho

Hearing the “Question Mark in the Heart” of a whole generation, our “Buddhis”, is a way to acknowledge that our future as Humanity, hopefully living well and in harmony with animals, plants, people and Planet, is going to be shaped by the genius change-makers and news-bringers in a generation who haven’t “grown up with Divine Mother”.
It’s a practice that starts with practice, in honouring the awakening of 18 — 24 year olds, and opening up space and time to educate and help them grow. The following is an excerpt from “Born With a Question Mark in Your Heart” by Osho  which might help to a greater perspective and understanding of how our “budh” becomes “buddha“, through “buddhi“. —Susan



ExcerptYou need great intelligence to surrender to your path as an awakened being: awakened to not being separate from existence, and awakened to being great. Awakened to understanding that our very existence needs you in all your greatness: maybe your genius, maybe your visions, maybe your change-making or news-bringing nature … but definitely the greatness of your true being nature.


“… from Osho’s “Born With a Question Mark in Your Heart” – nobody explains budh, opening to buddhi and awakening as buddha like Zen Master Osho.”



“The very word buddha means awakened intelligence.

budh means intelligence. The word buddhi means intellect. The root of the word buddh has many dimensions to it. There is no single English word that can translate it; it has many implications. It is very fluid and poetic. In no other language does any word like budh exist with so many meanings. There are at least five meanings to the word buddh.

The first is to awake, to wake oneself up, and to awaken others, to be awake. As such it is opposed to being asleep, in the slumber of delusion, from which the enlightened awakens as from a dream. That is the first meaning of intelligence, budh: to create an awakening in you.

… your inner eye is not open. You don’t know yet who you are: you have not looked into yoor own reality. You are not awake. A mind full of thoughts is not awake, cannot be awake. Only a mind which has dropped thoughts and thinking, which has dispersed the clouds around it — and the sun is burning bright, and the sky is utterly empty of clouds — is the mind which has intelligence, which is awake.

Intelligence is the capacity to be in the present. The more you are in the past or in the future, the less intelligent you are. Intelligence is the capacity to be here-now, to be in this moment and nowhere else. Then you are awake.

… naturally, you can see reality only when you are not asleep. You can face it, you can look into the eyes of truth — or call it godliness — only when you are awake … Utterly awake, there is insight; that insight brings freedom, that insight brings truth.”



Osho [1931—1990] left a legacy of written and spoken word. You can access the library  with a free subscription at Osho.com. This extract is from “Born With a Question Mark in Your Heart” at this link. Reprinted by kind permission of Osho International.



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