Be an Ambassador of Hope

Here at The Kindest Revolution we’ve launched our first initiative to bring practical hope and inspiration to our world: our first digital e-book on the growing Sustainability Movement: “Models of Hope”, published on December 21st, 2020.

This was our inspiration:

Susan Ni Rahilly

“The World we live in today needs hope, maybe more than at any time in Humanity’s history. The content we’ve been producing for The Kindest Revolution online weekly Newspaper has provided much learning about “Models of Hope” as we’ve interviewed, written about and learned of individuals and organisations actively engaged in the growing Sustainability Movement.”—Susan Ni Rahilly, Publisher and Editor of The Kindest Revolution Weekly

Hope needs Ambassadors, as does Kindness: My own inspiration and hope is to bring together a network of common interest in our future, to reach out with our projects: like-minded sincere individuals and organisations able and willing to promote.

Who are you?
You might be an individual teacher – yoga, meditation, body-work? You might be the leader of a diversity group with a social media network? You might be involved in a marginalised movement, and used to reaching out with common interest.  And you probably need an inflow of funds to keep it all flowing!

How does it work?
Very simply: because simplicity is one of our future growth needs! On approval, you get a link to share books and products with your group or audience – this is your way of making income: 20% on all sales. You’ll need to open an account with Gumroad which is how you collect your funds, it’s the selling platform we use. You’ll have a password to access the Ambassadors’ area here on the website, and you can get images, blurb, banners etc for your promotions.
“This is the simplest system I could find to build a network and generate income for good causes and impact our common future.”—Susan

Reach out to us using the contact form below and tell us a little bit about who you are and what you’re at: why is Sustainability important to you and what impact do you think it should have?