The Kindest Revolution is a Channel aimed at an audience now feeling the Spirit of our times and a heart-centred awakening to focus on being change-makers for a very different future for Humanity, which will be fairer to all. Obviously, there will only be a small section of our Global population willing to live our lives in a unique way, devoted to daily practice and with the courage to put our gifts, visions and creativity to the service of Humanity’s advancement. The Kindest Revolution may well be a “Thought Revolution” birthed one kind thought at a time, enabling outrageously loving action?




The Essence of Practice with Susan’s YinZen Teachings is Simply Spiritual: our ultimate practice is YinZen Soma, the Original Mantra connecting us with Original Primal Force. We use practice techniques from the Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths to Liberation of the Soul: Zen, Meditation and Yoga. Practices take you back to the Ancient in your Being, opening you up Spiritually, in small steps, to an awareness of living with the Divinity that is within you. In living daily with Zen and Flow, we accept we’re here to serve Humanity with our own unique Purpose-ful-ness.




Susan Ni Rahilly has reached an interesting point in her life now that she’s in her ‘sixties, as a Yoga and Meditation teacher and author, she considers herself “trans-genre”: a multi-dimensional teacher. She is also Spoken Word Artist SuZen.

As a twice published author, Zen Meditation and Hatha Yoga Teacher, Susan says she has “come to terms with being a story-telling wellbeing teacher and practitioner”.

Susan’s teaching typically draws on breathwork in deep Hatha practice, as well as Raja Yoga. In her own practice since 1987, and teaching Meditation since 1992, Susan’s teaching is inspired by Ancient roots of both Zen and Yoga. These roots reach back to Divine Feminine practices and inspire her ongoing research into our innate abilities for deep listening and intuitive practice: awakening and accelerating our Spiritual Vision as change-agents for Humanity’s future.


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