7 First Steps On An Organic Lifepath

We’re here, alive on this Planet to be happy. Organic living is about being a better, happier human being by making an incredible choice for your life and choosing the power of living positively. The benefits of an Organic lifepath, therefore, simply are all the spiritual and emotional benefits of inviting positivity into our life and the bonding we experience of living sincerely with Mother Nature alongside like-minded people. All of which of course, as we know, has immense physical benefits for our bodymind systems and making them a more comfortable place for our Spirit to dwell. We’re treating our bodymind as the Temple for our Spirit

What is “Organic”

The Organic movement is not only food or plant-based, and includes anything grown by farmers who use renewable resources and who emphasise the conservation of soil and water, thereby enhancing the quality of the environment: as an example, the quality of the packaging for your Bamboo toothbrush would be ethically sourced, produced and bio-degradable.

Getting Started

Let’s jump in: how do we get started? With baby steps . . . let this lifepath unfold gently with slow, gentle steps. Try this plan for 7 weeks of slowly incorporating Organic into your daily life: add one new step every week.

1 Olive Oil and fresh lemons: start by taking Organic oil mixed with fresh lemon juice morning and night – drink one 10 ml spoon of each stirred together, in the morning that would be on an empty stomach. You can see benefits very soon by watching unwanted belly fat melting, and skin tone improving.

2 Coffee and tea – first find your brew, taking into account Organic fresh ground roast coffee is stronger than regular non-organic. Then maybe investigate grinding roasted whole beans for your daily coffee? Daily drinking of Green Tea in the afternoons has a quickly noticed benefit of clearing “brain fog” caused by an out-of-balance gut.

3 Coconut oil – how many ways can you use it? Mouth oil pulling, self massage, self care: this week save your used coffee grounds and add coconut oil for a body scrub. This is my own personal experience: 100% pure and raw Organic Coconut Oil compared to non-Organic is like comparing a rough wool to pure silk in texture!

4 Dark Chocolate – a daily time-out treat which is perfect for intention setting and meditation, especially gratitude: I like to buy a Fairtrade brand when I can get it.

5 Turmeric – take it as a daily “tea”: mix it with a scant half teaspoon of your coconut oil which acts in the same way as mother’s breast milk for absorption. Turmeric in powder form is best absorbed by the gut when it is in suspension, and this is facilitated by letting the water go off the boil before making your tea.

6 Growing and sprouting – start your own gardening or container growing: Organic lettuce seeds are readily available online, and learning to sprout is easy with Organic lentils. You can inform yourself on the benefits of planting, growing and harvesting by the Moon cycles: you’ll need to know that every week of the Moon phase is not a “planting” week for example.

7 Thrive – when you think of “Thrive”, think of the seemingly small things that happened as you were birthed into this life: first you had to breathe, then you needed washing and the protection of warmth, then nurturing, fluids and sleep . . . and very, very importantly your little bodymind started moving for your survival and health [but then, you’d been moving quite a bit in the “void-space” of your mother’s womb]. Putting all of these vitalities together – we can call this our need for “practice”.

Putting It All Together

By week 7, we’re putting all our steps together: this is a way you can ground your own Spirituality in everyday life. Making your own bodymind Organism more harmonious with the Organic whole of the Universe is an important step to thriving, with breath, water and balancing, sleep and relaxing.

Learn how to breathe properly with Yogic Pranayama practices. Make alkaline water and drink it on the main Moon phase days [ particularly New Moon and Full Moon]. Use your lemons, fresh still or mineral water and you’ll need to source organic peppermint, cucumber and ginger [the peppermint can be from brewed tea and the ginger can be dried] .

Sleeping and relaxing: Organic cotton bedding helps a lot, as does finding a good quality Organic lavender oil and making a spray for yourself and your bedding, and burn it in an oil burner to relax before bedtime. Sleeping naked in crisp cotton bedsheets is amazing for good quality sleep! Your body temperature can regulate itself overnight better, and you help your skin to “breathe”.

On the Path: Good Luck!

Now you’re on the path, there are so many ways to use our Organic basics in small ways in daily life: ground lentils make a good flour for flatbreads or roti; growing ginger is easy and seasonal; harvest rainwater for gardening; coconut oil is fabulous for hair conditioning and you could learn Indian Ayurvedic head massage to add to your self-care routine.

Good luck on your new lifepath, and I’ll leave you with this inspiration: how long does it take to get to a new version of “you”? Well, all we are on a physical level as a human being is air, water and food. And physically, our body’s 10-13 trillion cells replace themselves every 100 days [just over 3 months]. The 7 weeks you spend introducing Organic to your life gently and slowly is half of this powerful process of renewal: you’re helping Mother Nature to flow slowly.