A Transformation Moment | Part 2 of No Soul Left Behind . . .

My “Genius of Nature” Dedication for you: Within your own nature you have genius of Nature …
“Attention with Divine Focus on your mind, and the Source of your mind – learn its nature and it becomes the diamond faceted jewel which reflects your own Buddha Nature: changing forever the way you perceive our World . . .
Mind becomes pure, strong, clear and beautiful – capable of changing our World with one kind thought at a time.” SuZen



I took a Tarot reading in order to ask for your guidance. This is the second part of the message and guidance for you and all of us as a Tribe: The Gathering, No Soul Left Behind Part 1 link is below.
A Transformation Moment


Maybe right now, we’re all just gathering together and having a conversation “what do we do with this big energy source?”: us gathering together is creating a channel for big primal energy, and a growing excitement which is going to create a lot of change: Transformation.

AND: taking on or taking down a System [with a capital “S”] – creating a moment of taking down undesireable oppression. The coming together [“the gathering”] is an empowering reason for oppression “taking down” – a bit of “David and Goliath” energy, the oppressive System seems so big. The coming together to create a power source empowers us not to feel so small . . . for those of you who are in the know, something like a Class Action Law Suit?



A Tender Bonding

A “Transformation Moment” is what brought us here, to this gathering moment, this gathering agreement: “Let’s face this and take it down”. But with inner power, like facing a bully – which for me is a symbol for the weak, immature masculine energy of the past age. And this gathering moment of agreement precedes the Transformation Moment: obviously, there has to be intention and shared dedication – I call it a “tender bonding”.

Namaste, Susan

“The Gathering, No Soul Left Behind” Part 1 link is here . . .










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