No Soul Left Behind . . .

My “Genius of Nature” Dedication: Within your own nature you have genius of Nature …
“Attention with Divine Focus on your mind, and the Source of your mind – learn its nature and it becomes the diamond faceted jewel which reflects your own Buddha Nature: changing forever the way you perceive our World . . .
Mind becomes pure, strong, clear and beautiful – capable of changing our World with one kind thought at a time.” SuZen



I took a Tarot reading in order to ask for your guidance. This is part of the message and guidance for you and all of us as a Tribe:


Intuition and a lot of work, time and investment going into an uphill battle. This is certainly the current outcome of my energy over the last 30 years.

The outcome of this energy is a well-earned, unconventional wisdom: a wisdom that is not known to many: truthful but not obvious [you could also read that as “hidden”] – resulting in finding something valuable and we can interpret that as “the jewel within”, as I teach you, leading to a growing excitement.



A Gathering coming together:

This gathering adds to the growing excitement of finding an unconventional “treasure” – a “hidden” treasure that is triggering a radical change. A trigger point for Transformation.

A “Pooling-together” of resources and wisdom. This means much to me, as my destiny as your teacher is to distill the wisdom of the Ancients and make sure you know of your “Divine Child” identity. This is powerful.

Almost like “Master-minding” resources and wisdom, gathering all together and joining collective power, intention for care, our light-shower energies: joining all of this to gather a power from the group that forms at the center – at a focal point. And so it becomes one larger, more powerful energy. Follow the link below for “New Here” if you haven’t started your daily practice yet.

And with “No Soul left behind” . . . We ARE The Kindest Revolution, the YinZen SoMa Tribe.










You can donate! Everything, small or large, helps! Namaste




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