No Blog today . . . in Heart Chakra practices


I’m taking a media-break during the month of April . . . my own practice is calling me! Giving me the longed-for break of a few precious weeks for devotion to refining my teaching here on the website.

This week, in New Moon phase, my Astrology is guiding me to do and give very little. Paying careful to “heart’s intuition” is of the essence.

So, here are some Heart Chakra daily practices from my archives on YouTube: for Monday to Friday practice this week: “Nurturing Our Heart’s Deep Needs”. Today’s practice is Hridaya the Heart Hand Mudra with the Universal Heart Chakra.

I’ll probably make a few posts over the next few weeks from my archives – some of the “gems” from the last 12 years . . . distilling the wisdom for our future.

Namaste, Susan





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