A Sweet Story of Great Mother’s Wish



4,000 and 5,000 years ago in Kashmir, India an experience was documented, following ancient years of practice . . . trying to explain an ancient way of experiencing the immanence, the numen within – or – the thrill of the vibration of the Universe in our human nature . . .  it’s a return to innocence.“—Susan






Great Mother’s Wish

So . . . there’s a story: but maybe right now it’s better told without names, dates and places . . . just energy. That way, you’ll be centered only in the energy.
Great Mother Nature wanted the mind of the Universe to transmit something which is in all of us and yet it is a mystery. The story goes this was transmitted in a love chant . . . which we, as the divine child of divine feminine and masculine, will never truly understand . . . only accept and revere. The chant was given as ways to center ourselves.
We need constant dedication in practice, even to try to test the love in the meditation . . .  and we can center ourselves now in this way: just as the Universal Wheel is centered in the mystery . . .

“As breath turns from down to up, and again as breath curves from up to down—through both these turns, realize.”



This is the chant of Mother Goddess : HREEM is the AUM of Goddess




This short blog is from my weekly YinZen Sunday Meditation Class on YouTube: Class #8 The Realising Breath

Namaste, Susan



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