What Are You REALLY Doing Here? Getting the Strong Zen Mind

What are we REALLY here for? The Universe positively vibrates with noise. We have conversation after conversation… yet nothing much seems to change. Surely there must be more important questions to ask? Like who are we? What’s our purpose? Why are we here? Yet, so many prefer to skirt around the difficult questions and talk about the weather or TV. It’s simpler. If we don’t really understand it – and can’t see a way to change it – why bother discussing it?”Susan


What Are You REALLY Doing Here?

Who are you really, and how did you get here? Your Cosmic Memory knows the answer:

My message from the Flow of Existence [Mother]. If you are drawn to a path such as zen, yoga, as in the whole of Yoga, daoism or Mindfulness, then you’re going back to ancient teachings to go beyond in your life, and you are one of the “Tribe” in my opinion.

The atoms that compose your body have existed for billions of years. Originally created by a star, they have been part of many forms before you. But they are exactly the same in structure as they have ever been. So in a very real sense, you are billions of years old. Now that you know that, how do you feel? Any different? Stronger? More expansive? More eternal? I bring these thoughts to your attention, because following the tough world times of 2020, 2021 can be an excellent year for you to come to a more profound and detailed understanding of your true nature. I hope you will regularly meditate on the possibility that your soul is immortal, that your identity is not confined to this historical era, that you have been alive and will be alive for far longer than you’ve been taught to believe.

In our ancient teaching we believe this memory is in our bones!


“Yin is Flow. Zen is Living Mindfully of Essence. Yin.Zen is my teaching for living with Flow, with reverence for Essence and practising daily with radical Devotion to awaken awareness of Divine Feminine. Small steps to Balance leading to a more heart-centred future for Humanity.”—Susan


The Truth of Our Being

The Universe is vibrating constantly with all the energies of change, our cosmic memory is our channel . . . as long as we’re able to face the truth of our being, then new doors to change will open for us excitingly and creatively. We keep on asking ourselves: what did the cosmic forces really have in mind for me when I first came into this world?



Who We Are …

So, this is who we are and what we’re really here for:

We are the mediators, we are the sensitive souls reawakened in the West with consciousness hidden in our memories, here at a time when the world needs us for our power to balance as Humanity Empaths. Right now in our evolution, some of us are reclaiming our spiritual heritage: what it involves is change, badly needed change for our world and planet.

And the way we can make the necessary space for change to happen is of course to let go, to adapt, to learn and work with a process to make this happen: simplifying. When we speak of process, we speak of practice. My teaching is a radical devotion to practice, and this unites us with a common bond, common purpose in fanning the flame of progress for our world.


Accelerating Our Spiritual Vision

As you’ll know from the weekly meditation classes, I’m teaching you to accelerate your spiritual vision for those of you who want to walk the Divine path through practice. Our practice is YinZen Soma, and I call our path The Kindest Revolution: changing our world one kind thought at a time.

I have only 3 things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion … with these jewels you can go a long way.” Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


We’re Humanity Empaths

The YinZen Soma tribe are Humanity Empaths: zen has always been about serving humanity – this time round we’re awakening here as Empaths as our purpose-ful-ness is to hold the mirror up for others’ spiritual growth. We don’t do anything FOR other people as such: zen is an attitude to an art of living, an art of living with values – tranquility, harmony, reverence and purity – just by being, with sincere dedication and devotion to our practice, we heal others.

It may seem harsh to stand back and allow humanity to go through what they are experiencing right now – but, this is our karma, and it’s the hard thing we have to do and do it willingly and creatively.



Namaste, Gassho, Susan



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We Are A Tribe





The Kindest Revolution is meta-morphing! Slowly, so please bear with us … the website is on its path to becoming the Membership and practices site … check the Homepage here for weekly practices and programs.



 Donations are welcome ! Everything, small or large, helps! Namaste

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