Humanity Empaths, World Healing and Karma

“The karma we’re experiencing right now in our world has a special significance for us – as Humanity Empaths. We’re the Change-makers, Visionaries and Geniuses who are going to take Humanity forward into the light.”—Susan

What we’re learning now is “the big lesson

What we’re learning now is “the big lesson”: to let world karma play itself out so we can progress, we need to use our biggest skills … and it’s the hardest thing that we need to do, do it willingly and creatively to align with the energies of change and transformation. In zen we do all of this peacefully.

“Yin is Flow. Zen is Living Mindfully of Essence. Yin.Zen is my teaching for living with Flow, with reverence for Essence and practising daily with radical Devotion to awaken awareness of Divine Feminine. Small steps to Balance leading to a more heart-centred future for Humanity.”—Susan

The YinZen Soma tribe are Humanity Empaths:

 Zen has always been about serving humanity – this time round we’re awakening here as Empaths as our purpose-ful-ness is to hold the mirror up for others’ spiritual growth. We don’t do anything FOR other people as such: zen is an attitude to an art of living, an art of living with values – tranquility, harmony, reverence and purity – just by being, with sincere dedication and devotion to our practice, we heal others.

It may seem harsh to stand back and allow humanity to go through what they are experiencing right now – but remember I said: “…it’s the hard thing we have to do and do it willingly and creatively”?

As Humanity Empaths then, in our life and devotion to practice—and I’m talking about RADICAL devotion to practice—we accept that Humanity is going to keep on hurting unless they learn to help themselves: how do we help by doing nothing? By our attitude, our devotion and of course by loving action.

The way to Peace with Zen is simple: accept “not knowing” with “don’t know mind”, step back and detach so to observe with the eyes of our souls, and with loving action … simple steps and sincere: there’s a short practice in “Stop Worrying and Learn Detaching” here on YouTube.

Being who we truly are is all that is needed. I talked about Geniuses, Change-makers and Visionaries … and this is also about DNA: Genius is a gene that gets “switched on” by stress. The stress of world events, I think, is switching on our Genius at a time when it is truly needed for Humanity’s advancement.

Radical Devotion to Practice

Yin is Flow [or Goddess] Zen is meditation or mindfulness of divine presence, and Soma is our mantra, the original mantra of primordial cosmic force, or Primordial Goddess. We practice with a radical devotion, and we’re opening and accelerating our Spiritual Vision.

So, Soma is our mantra – it’s associated with Bindhu Chakra, back of the head slightly above the third eye. Its symbol is the crescent moon. This chakra is the gateway to our Soul, and it’s where we connect with divine guidance from the soul – physically this equates to DNA, sending and receiving our messages. Spiritually this is about connecting with your divinity within—true being nature

We chant our mantra daily to align with cosmic force, Primordial Goddess – you can follow my chant in the free introduction: Soma Mantra. The original mantra aligns us with Original Force. Soma means: “I am the light of devotion to Essence” .

And we finish practice with our Daily Morning prayer which we say following SoMa Mantra every morning, to align and bring order into the life in our day so we can see divine presence in all living and material things: following SoMa Mantra bring your hands together in Namaste hands or Anjali Mudra at your heart centre, then hold them out in front, palms up, elbows close to your sidebody in a gesture of acceptance. The prayer is on the free introduction page.

This is how we start our radical devotion to practice and acceptance of our purpose-ful-ness in world healing.

I’ll leave you with this is inspiration from Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching:

Everyone and everything can be your teacher. Make use of every situation. This is what we call Embodying the Light.”

Namaste, Gassho, Susan


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