Small Steps to Balance …

I was wondering how to say something that is very simple, when we live in a world that has become so complex. My solution was to take a reading from the I Ching for our guidance, just when I had emerged from a period of grief and healing myself . . . This was the reading: ” Susan


“Small Exceeding: Essence of Wisdom in the Small”

Essence of Wisdom: “In their conduct, wise people give preponderance to reverence . . . in bereavement, they give preponderance to grief. In expenditure, they give preponderance to thrift.”  I Ching

“Yin is Flow. Zen is Living Mindfully of Essence. Yin.Zen is my teaching for living with Flow, with reverence for Essence and practising daily with radical Devotion to awaken awareness of Divine Feminine. Small steps to Balance leading to a more heart-centred future for Humanity.”—Susan


Preponderance of the Small

Thunder on the Mountain . . . this is the image of “preponderance of the small”:  It is “The Tower Moment” in the Light Seer Tarot deck

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