The Sweetest Healing Revolution …

The sweetness of your Soul flowing freely through your life is as simple as allowing self-acceptance into yourself and your life.
“Simple, quite difficult for many of us, but bringing a sweet revolution.”—Susan


Ancient Steps to Sweet Flow of Soul

I call the healing we get from Zen and Yoga practices and living the path of Divinity within, a “sweet revolution”. Because it is about change – inner changes – a psychological, emotional and physical shift to inner peace, inner freedom, and importantly, self-acceptance. Revolution is a “pushing through” of self-acceptance.

When this shift happens, we are in harmony with the sweet flow of our Soul’s energy – and so I call this a “sweet revolution”. The ancient wisdom path to inner peace is the way we heal and grow for our Souls to flow sweetly . . .


[Read more on the yin.zen.vegan.thrive blog here . . .]


The Kindest Revolution is meta-morphing! Slowly, so please bear with us … the website is on its path to becoming the Membership and practices site … check the Homepage here for weekly practices and programs.
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