. . . thrive is the zen art of living in motion/meditation in action


thrive is . . .

paying attention

to all the human needs

we have

on a daily basis . . .

the zenity

of all the seemingly

small and automatic processes

and systems

of the miraculous human being . . .

allowing order into daily life

so we can see divine presence

in all living and material things . . .

sanity by zen.


to live with thrive

and to thrive,

is the focused practice

embedded in the being of a unified person.

I am in harmony with the unity

of all my contradictions . . .

when I thrive

my life becomes poetry

and my day becomes a prayer . . .

when I thrive

I give permission to others,

teaching the art of living

by being who I truly am.

[read more on thrive the Yin.Zen.Vegan.Thrive blog …]


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