Living with Flow is Living Powerfully: with “The Song of The Universe” …


Life, and the world, challenges me no end . . . and my resources. So, as a Teacher of Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths to Liberation I delve deep, I practice, teach and trust.—Susan
We’re at a moment in Eternity. And like Gandhi who when toughly challenged to be inspirational and responsible turned to Baghavad Gita, Song of God, I turn to the Song of the Universe – the Mother of Existence’s presence in all things: flow of our Nakshatras. The answer always lies within the question.

The “moment” we are at collectively as Humanity, is the end of the age of Kali Yuga. This has been a dark age of Technological power, and not of Yoga power, which has left us dependent and vulnerable. Existence tells me, there are always cycles and we always survive and thrive again as Humanity. What happens at the end of the ages is what is happening now . . . [read more on the Yin.Zen.Vegan.Thrive blog …]


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