When we talk about “going with the flow” , we talk about “being in the moment” or about this feeling of somehow being in a natural state of grace.
When your Flow seems to go, it can feel like a great big block in your life.

This is my inspiration for you:

“We are exactly where we’re supposed to be . . . this IS Flow . . . relax, and LET GO!”

This is how we do it with Zen

When you have a lot on your mind, philosophy as a mind-reliever can sound like the wrong kind of remedy: it doesn’t hold the potential to “hit the spot” or make the right kind of sense. But sense is not always what we need.

This point is what we really need to know so that most of our difficulties and issues will take care of themselves [if not obviously all of them]: when we talk about “going with the flow” , we talk about “being in the moment” or about this feeling of somehow being in a natural state of grace. We’re living with nature.

Being in the right place all the time

And we all experience it from time to time: when you turn up at the bus stop just as the bus is arriving there . . . when suddenly you need to hear from somebody and the phone rings and there they are as if they knew you were thinking about them. And it leaves you with a sense of being in the right place at the right time.

And it’s very gratifying until suddenly it seems to go:


You really want to hear from somebody and they don’t make contact. You really need to catch the bus and you turn up at the stop and you’re waiting for 45 minutes. Or, something isn’t there for you when you need it to be there.

And so you think, “what have I done wrong?”

Or: how come I’ve missed something . . . that was at one point in my life a very natural state of being? And then all you want to do is get back to it.

It seems like a really difficult thing because it’s a nebulous [think of clouds in the sky] and it’s a slightly elusive quality that you’re looking for [you can’t quite get your hands on it or get your head round it].


Blame and distancing from Flow


Stop Blaming: especially yourself


Blame:  and disentangling from the threads of momentum of the Flow . . . this is what happens:

So, you start picking to pieces all the various events that have happened, and you start attributing blame, saying it’s probably “because I did this instead of that . . .”  “that was where my mistake was . . . ”

And the more you do that the more you disentangle yourself even further from those threads that were keeping you close to the momentum of the Cosmos . . . The Ancient held a truth: it’s the “threads” of trust and belief that make the “fabric” of Flow.

And, actually when you want to rediscover that Flow in your own life, what you really have to do is let go a little.


Let go a little, rediscover Flow


Let Go. Stop Worrying


Stop worrying and decide that wherever you are regardless of how you got there or whether it was right or wrong, that’s where you are and that’s okay – and it’ll do for now, and from this point you can pick up and move forward. Nature is doing her work in the Universe.


Try this practice from my Youtube practice videos:



Stop the Karma now

Do not judge


We can’t make judgements about the Flow . . . remember that all Karma starts with some judgement, yours or someone else’s.

And the Flow sometimes requires us to stand at the bus stop for a long time . . . you can’t make judgements about it: you can’t say “ah yes that proves I was in the right place at the right time because this occurred” and,  “oh yes, I must have been wrong because that happened or didn’t happen.”


432 HZ FLOW | Meditation Medicine | Waves Energy | Miracle Frequency | 1 HOUR of Flow music





It’s much more a question of saying “wherever I am I accept where I am . . . “


Yes, this is philosophical, and that’s what we now need to be. And relaxed . . .  and now able to accept that although some of the things that are occurring right now, or in some cases not occurring, are irksome and worrying they are nonetheless part of a story that needs to be told. It’s a bigger story, with a big picture.

By and large, where it counts, make sure that in your heart amongst other places, you are most certainly in the right place . . . and if you remain in the right place in your heart then you will end up in the right place in every area of your life.



If you’re only just taking first steps on your conscious and spiritual path in life, and want some support you can try my First Steps . . . short program with an immersion rental for $3 for 3 days, then decide if it’s going to be helpful and buy to keep. In the Bliss Store.



Namaste, Susan



The Kindest Revolution, changing our world one kind thought at a time






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