Hope. How . . . ?

They used to say “Education. Education. Education.” As in, “education is everything.” But it is not – not unless communication is good.

You would think that what with all the media resources we have nowadays, communication is better than ever before. But it isn’t. Yes, there’s MORE of it – but no depth, real skill, heart-based understanding and compassion.

And truth . . . ?

I don’t think so – especially not about waking up what is sleeping in our memories . . . consciousness, and what we will need from our distilled wisdom to take us forward into the future as Humanity.

Humanity needs hope. How? Well, as humankind we actually always have had that in our inner nature . . . it’s one of the life powers we’re born with, and need to tune into.

Humanity has been thro many cycles of big, catastrophic changes and some of them much longer ago in our history than many of us have been educated to believe. And we have survived. What has been a thread of continuity thro the chaos of change has been the distillation of wisdom and teaching of what we know as the “Perenial Philosophy”.

Yoga is one of these teaching schools. Yoga was my teaching, with me getting an education much greater, deeper and more useful than my orthodox education. Our philosophy – whether we are students of yoga, zen, tao – is that of the silent language of the heart speaking of virtue: hope is a virtue that we grow and culture in our heart.


Hope. How?

So, “Hope. How?” Further than Yoga is all I can think of . . . As in, like Bob Marley saying: “What I do is further than music . . . “ because he felt Jah in the music.



When I say “further than yoga “ I’m not disparaging yoga the practice or the very sincere yoga teachers we have around us, but I have seen for a few years now that there’s been a settling into promoting various styles of physical, yoga practices to the benefit of media and some teachers, and to the detriment of the whole of Yoga . . . which is intended to take us further than the physical benefits or in fact the destressing mental and emotional benefits.

I teach that Yoga is the way we live with the divine in our lives, because we can experience direct Divine Communion through our practice . . . you get to the point whereby you realise that to give up what seems to be control in your life and power over externals, IS the power in Yoga when you develop the maturity and patience to wait for God/Goddess to tell you what you are here for.

And this practice, as I teach, comes directly from Patanjali’s – known as the father of Yoga – 8-step path to enlightenment compiled probably 1,700 – 2,500 years ago, from ancient knowledge prior to that and before the christian era . . . it’s beyond what we know currently . . . and came from knowledge that didn’t have to be recorded [for example during the “old European religion” of the Magdalenian culture].


Purpose. Discipline. Bliss

Yoga is know as our Union with Divine consciousness . . . but there is another translation as with most Sanskrit words, that Yoga is a binding – a practice which binds us with the Divine . . . and the path of Yoga takes us to Samadhi, a state which binds us with higher consciousness. And it is also a belief that there is a transcendent source of energy and your life has a purpose which binds you in a commitment through which this vital power flows . . . your Bliss . . . it is your bond with life and Divinity. It is existence flowing through you.

Yoga also means “discipline” – the discipline needed in every day life to be the clear vessel for Divine Communication: this discipline we get with daily pactice.

When we practice together in this spirit we are bonded – not separated by styles, forms, lifestyle, disposable income etc. We are unified by simple, practical teaching and practices . . . we lift up, individually, to meet the Divine, our source, God/Goddess, the light, Mother. And we open up spiritually: we open up to our own Divinity . . . and you yourself understand direct communion with the Divine.

When we understand this, we are being taken beyond what we know of heaven and earth to connect with that part of ourself that is connected with all things: to expand our understanding . . . of the ever-unfolding journey through birth, life, death and regeneration.



Why is this important . . . what does it mean? . . . why are we doing this . . . ?

. . . because this is the way some of us need, to see our own way forward, to grow and mature – because that is what life, your soul, demands – to expand our minds and our perceptions of life.

Life is happening and the continuity of life and life cycles. . . it’s important to me that we all stop waiting and do something now.

Your connection with Divinity affects me, your friends, your neighbours and community, the world, the environment and the planet. We need to get on with it, well those of us who can anyway – enlightenment is now . . . so I’m teaching “further than Yoga”, and this is how you do it . . .

Be with a Teacher who can initiate you, teach you guiding principles from the Ancient Teachings of the whole of Yoga and instruct you with a practicality of doing this for yourself in your daily life.

Find your “tribe”: be with like-minded people.

Practice, and practice devotion to practice, which helps us see the Divine: in our signs, symbols and daily messages on our Soul’s path . . . living with this in our daily life and so that we can see our own way forward . . . and wait for God/Goddess to tell each of us individually what is needed.

Namaste, Susan


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