Acceleration of our Spiritual Vision through dedication to our practices of any of the Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths [zen, yoga, taoism, mindfulness] is for those of us who want to live with Divine Communication in our lives as we walk the Divine path.

My own teaching is with both Zen and the Essence of Yoga Meditation – as Bhagavad Gita says:


. . . absorption in deep meditation, this is the essence of yoga . . .


And through practice with devotion, we learn to open, activate, nourish and accelerate our Spiritual Vision . . . taking it “further than yoga . . .” : of course, referring to the way Yoga has been diluted in the West and demoted to a “tool” for accomplishment and achievement within a culture which doesn’t work for everyone or for the greater good.





“This is my teaching on awakening awareness that the way we experience the language of our souls is through accelerating our Spiritual Vision to Divine Communication . . .”



And of course, as communication comes through our spiritual bodies, so the Universe outside of us and Existence within us, communication is from the Divine and the Divine Mother – this is obviously not a linear, straightforward experience but a process: to learn one thing we have to learn another first, to experience something in one way we have to do something else to prepare etc . . . so I mean: life processes, maturing and character building to manage energies.


An essential part of accelerating our Spiritual Vision through our practice, is the deep understanding that we are balancing the power of nature – the Divine Feminine energy within us, or Shakti – with the power of love, through opening and nurturing the heart centre or space in the heart, Hridayakasha, with the life power of wisdom . . . and our practices involve inner culturing and growth . . .


I’ll explain this in Yoga terms – which means that in our practice we reach the stage of maturity we need to see life clearly, at Ajna Chakra, the Third Eye forehead centre or “Guru” Chakra.



Yogic Gardening – Culturing Your Emotions With the Guru Within

Wisdom IS . . . it has often been called “thusness” or “suchness” . . . it is energy and it is energy within us.

You are already a very wise person on the inside. Allow the seeds of wisdom within you to blossom, grow and strengthen in your Yoga practice. You can experience more of your own wisdom as you experience proving your own knowledge to yourself in your life – and also expanding and growing in your development with Yoga.

As you uncover more and more of your own Wisdom Energy, the Guru Within awakens and your inner confidence in your own innate abilities for inner guidance develops.

The term “Guru Within” comes from the quality of Ajna Chakra or the “Guru” Chakra, the forehead or eyebrow center, one of our psychic gateways to consciousness. We embody Guru quality, or Wisdom within.

In Yoga we have this beautiful concept for growth: and it’s that of cultivating ourselves like a garden; Yogic Gardening or cultivating our senses, qualities and emotions. So we tend and care for the ground of ourselves, as we ourselves in mindbody emotions and spirit are delicate and as full of potential as seeds . . . and as we blossom and grow in our lives and our practice, co-emergent energies need diligent tending – we make sure to pull out the messiness of the weeds so that the beauty, the light of our flowers can bloom strongly in fullness.



Contemplation, Visualisation and Meditation

Contemplation is a powerful step on the Yoga Path to self-understanding. Taking time for yourself on a regular basis will so enrich your journey towards knowledge of self.

Assume a posture you can relax into: Corpse, easy cross leg, Reclining Buddha; pay attention to your breathing, focus on your grounding and centering with the breath . . . . sit quietly . . . allow yourself to be still.

Reviewing your life on, say, a weekly basis will help you tune into your strengths and weaknesses – obviously with the intention of letting the weaknesses just wither away like weeds.


Visualisation, say for example using colour to identify strengths and weaknesses, helps you grow in self-confidence. You’ll connect with the visual qualities of your mindbody system and give yourself an incredibly powerful tool for growth.

You could visualise a colour for each of your energies . . . . mental, emotional, physical, spiritual – and strengthen the colours when you encounter feelings and senses of weakness. So, for example: what makes you feel bigger and what makes you feel smaller? An example of wisdom energy would be: having a profound sense of spaciousness; and the opposite weakness would be: getting very absorbed in a small world. Another wisdom would be: seeing the big picture and having a largeview; and the corresponding weakness would be: being rigid and tight and dogmatic.


Meditation. This is a journey with Yoga which is always leading us away from shadows towards the light: the Guru Within.

Your Guru or inner Wisdom energies are waiting to emerge. And you will gain inner strength and confidence from knowing that you can be in control as you move along the path of your expansion and growth in your spiritual life . . . all we need to do on a regular basis is grow the strengths and let the weaknesses wither away and die.

You are a very wise person within . . . Wisdom IS. Allow your own natural Wisdom to arise and you will see your own Divinity within.

Namaste, Susan

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Enjoy! Namaste

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