The sweetness of your Soul flowing freely through your life is as simple as allowing self-acceptance into yourself and your life. Simple, quite difficult for many of us, but bringing a sweet revolution.

Ancient Steps to Sweet Flow of Soul

I call the healing we get from Yoga practices and living the path of Divinity within, a “sweet revolution”. Because it is about change – inner changes – a psychological, emotional and physical shift to inner peace, inner freedom, and importantly, self-acceptance.

When this shift happens, we are in harmony with the sweet flow of our Soul’s energy – and so I call this a “sweet revolution”. The ancient wisdom path to inner peace is the way we heal and grow for our Souls to flow sweetly.

India, through giving the world the ancient wisdom path to inner freedom which we know as Yoga, has indeed given a gift which is timeless and very much needed today. In the West we’re adapting this to our needs right now which come from new Psychological and life crises.

Steps to the Sweet Revolution

We are entering the Age of the Individual Master, a subtle transition from the Age of Kali Yuga – when it is important for each of us individually to realise that our own attainment of inner peace has a ripple effect on the world around us. What India has to teach the world, then, through the wisdom path to inner freedom are the steps to sweet inner revolution.

Yoga as we know translates as “union” or “communion” but it also means discipline – the discipline in our practice. So we bring a form to our meditation practice through discipline. And in our practice of yoga meditation we follow ancient steps taking us from self-acceptance to the necessary inner peace and balance for our conversations with the Divine . . .

With yogic meditation, we start with the hardest thing for a human being – self-acceptance. . . . everything else is easy after that. And this shift, this identification with our own Divinity, is the first step on the path to inner revolution.

Soul Energy Can Flow

Our true self is good . . . when our souls are healed and free, then basically we are goodness itself: and our Soul’s energy can flow sweetly.

When I started healing my life, in my head I could accept absolutely that everyone MUST be good. My deepest belief is we are all part of the Universe’s loving energy. It’s something I’ve always known, intuitively – I’ve always looked for the spark of goodness in everyone I’ve ever met.

But healing is not always easy. Accepting your own good is hard when you’ve always been told you are bad or wrong or shamed. Accepting your own good is strange when you’ve been badly damaged. But that acceptance IS a place you have to get to if you are going to be healed and whole.

And when you do, your whole inner world shifts to this place, inner peace is the result. And you understand the need for peace in your environment, your Universe.

The result is that your life changes completely, it turns around – like a revolution.



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